Here’s A List Of 25 Cities That Have Been Renamed! How Many Do You Know??

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CM / Updated: 2016-04-25
09:02 IST

By admin

India is a
diversified country in a lot of ways. There are so many cities and cultures
that make up our country. Some of the major cities have been renamed and how
many of them do you know? Let’s have a look at some of the major name changes
the cities have underwent, shall we?!

1. Madras to Chennai

Image result for amazing photographs of chennai city
image source

2. Guahati to Guwahati

124451 004 D2B16143
image source

3. Cochin to Kochi

image source

4. Ponicherry to Puducherry

IMG 1520
image source

5. Cawnpore to Kanpur

13 big
image source

6. Indhur to Indore

Image result for indore
image source

7. Poona to Pune

Image result for pune
image source

8. Waltair to Vishakapatnam

select locality heroshot 754115
image source

9. Calicut to Kozhikode

image source

10. Ootacamund to Udhagamandalam

Image result for udhagamandalam
image source

11. Tanjore to Thanjavur

Image result for thanjavur
image source

12. Benares to Varanasi

Image result for varanasi
image source

13. Simla to Shimla

Image result for shimla
image source

14. Allepey to Alappuzha

Image result for azhapuzha
image source

15. Mysore to Mysuru

Image result for mysuru
image source

16. Mangalore to Mangaluru

Image result for mangaluru
image source

17. Bangalore to Bengaluru

Image result for bengaluru
image source

18. Bombay to Mumbai

Image result for mumbai
image source

19. Trivandrum to Thiruvanthapuram

Image result for thiruvananthapuram
image source

20. Calcutta to Kolkata

Image result for kolkata
image source

21. Trichinapoly to Tiruchirapalli

 image source

22. Baroda to Vadodara

Image result for vadodara
image source

23. Indhur to Indore

Image result for indore
image source

24. Panjim to Panaji

Image result for panaji
image source

And finally, adding to the list will be,

25. Gurgaon to Gurugram

Image result for gurgaon
image source

are some of the cities that had their name re-christened. Do you know any more?
List them below ūüėČ

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