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Here’s How Celebrities Reacted For The Decision Of Super star Rajinikanth !!



Here’s How Celebrities Reacted For The Decision Of Super star Rajinikanth !!

Superstar Rajinikanth officially announced that he is not going to contest in the upcoming politics and also made it clear that he is not going to launch his political party on 31st of December. He said that his health condition could cause financial setback and mental stress to the people who belongs to his party through a press statement he released in his official twitter account. Public people, cinema celebrities and political personalities started reacting in various ways regarding the decision made by the “Padayappa” actor.


After the shooting of “Annaththe” got affected due to COVID 19 virus, Rajinikanth decided not to enter politics. The actor says that he sees the interruption as a warning from the God himself. “I can’t make the revolution by just campaigning my party through social media platforms and media portals. Just a shooting that consisted 120 people made me to get hospitalized for 3 days. I have to meet lakhs and lakhs of people if I start a political party” Rajini said in his tweet who believed that his entry in politics will cause financial and mental stress to the people who belong to his party.

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“I don’t want to make my believers scapegoat to prove that I am a man of my word. So I am announcing that I will not be starting a political party with grief. The pain I suffered while announcing this could be felt only by me” the Superstar actor said. “I will serve people without contesting in the electoral politics. I never hesitated to speak the truth.” said Rajinikanth and requested people to accept his decision.

Now, reacting to his decision, director Karthik Subbaraj who is also known as an ardent fan of the actor wrote “Thalaiva… Pls Don’t feel bad… May be we didn’t deserve a good political leader like you….. You are important to us Thalaiva… Take care & we will Love you as always Thalaiva “ in his tweet. Many other celebrities and public people reacting to the decision of Rajinikanth.

Meanwhile Kamal Haasan said “My Rajini should be healthy. Wherever he is, he should live a healthy life” in a meeting.


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