Here Is The List Of Movie Marathons From 9 Genres You Can Watch With Your Roommate

5 years ago

Away from your family and staying away from your home town? Then your roommate should be your box of happiness! Petty fights, silly arguments, misunderstandings whatever may come in the way, your love for each other will not fade away! Here we present you a list of movie marathon from various Genres… Tag that roommate and tell him/her to get ready for movie marathon!

  1. Sci Fi compress image 9
For most of us these may be movies that go out of this world, but for some of us it is that category which made us bond with our roomies and buy insane stuff like light sabers and play pretend wars.

Matrix Trilogy: 7 hours

Star Wars: 14 hours

Star Trek: 24 hours


  1. Fantasy

harry potter
Second to none, this is a category loved by all, for it covers a lot of stories that take you back in time, multiple times or into a parallel universe. Sometimes you wish, this world was real, because they make you feel more alive.

Harry Potter: 20 hours

Lord of the rings and the Hobbit: 17 hours

Pirates of Caribbean: 10 hours


3. Action

fast n furious

Love the speed, the thrill, the chase, the style, the fight sequences and have made some holes in the walls of your house copying them? Then these movies definitely need your undivided attention.

Bond Series: 50 hours

Mission Impossible: 9 hours

Die Hard: 11 hours

Fast and Furious: 13 hours

4. Drama


Let this category not fool you guys! It’s not just for the ladies, but also for the fellas. We all know for a fact that “rocky” is one movie that makes the guys dig drama.

Movie and timelines:

Rocky: 11 hours
Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants and Sex & The City( we love our girl gang): 8 hours
Step Up: 9 hours
High School Musical( because some of us don’t want to grow up): 5 hours

5. Fictional


What’s fiction after we have covered both fantasy and sci-fi, you ask? Well it’s more focused on making things from our past come alive or truth speaking, we didn’t feel like making some movies feel left out, so got a new category for them.

Movie and timelines:

Jurassic Park: 6.5 hours

National treasures: 4 hours
Night at the museum: 5 hours


6. Comic


Well, how can we leave out our favourite movie series, the Marvelers and the DC’ers? We don’t have describe much on this section for sure.

Movies and timelines:

Marvel Magic (avengers, and everything under the sun: Still buffering(min. 40 hours)
DC thrillers (all the men and the leagues): Hard to assess(min. 42 hours)

7. Cartoon compress image 8

Another major hit sequels are from the animated world of Disney and Pixar studios. They are funny, weird and cute all at the same time.

Movies and timelines:

Madagascar: 6 hours
Ice Age: 6 hours
Shrek: 7.5 hours

  1. Comedy compress image 7
LOL, ROFL and every other trending acronym was born when some person was watching these movies and going bonkers. Why not try a laughter weekend with your roommate.

Movies and timelines:

Hangover: 5 hours
Scary movies: 7.5 hours
Vince vaugh or Adam sandler list are also a good choice in this category.

9. Horror


Well, well, well we had to cover it and we know it you love to hate them. So what’s the delay, get the spook on with these long running horror movies.

Movies and timelines:

Saw: 10 hours
Ring: 6 hours
Nightmare On Elm Street: 14 hours

Make some popcorn or pakoda, choose your spot and get started on the wild ride of movie marathons with your roommates.


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