Here Is How Sai Ram Engg College Made Use Of Kabali To Increase Their 2016 Admissions

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Most of the engineering colleges in Chennai have very strict rules for their students to be followed. Be it at the campus or at the hostel, students are usually forced to abide by the rules set by the college, in order to survive unharmed.

One such stricter college that has been in the news quite frequently for the atrocities it committed towards students is – Sairam Engineering College.
Known for its very strict rules, Sairam college has made so many controversial news. The management doesn’t allow boys and girls to talk to each other. And on top of that, they introduced some pathetic rules for girls.

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The single-page list of rules and regulations had 22 pointers, all of them said to be “big no’s” for girls. The list includes a ban on wearing leggings, tight pants or tops, designer watches, heavy earrings and even bars students from celebrating birthdays on the college campus.
The circular also states that students should not bring mobile phones, pen drives, and sim-cards to the campus. Even more bizarre is the rule that students should not bring sweets, chocolates and other snacks in bulk quantity to share with friends. They not allowed to have Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.
And not to forget the guy who tortured all students. Balu was ‘terror’ personified as Sairam’s campus director. They even had floor supervisors to monitor the students and would talk in a very demeaning way when they didn’t follow any of the rules. They also had a ‘Black Room’ where they bet students who misbehaved.
Owing to all this, a boy named Abinath committed suicide. It’s not long since this news went viral and the management tried all possible ways to hush the matter. They even beat the students who protested on the road for Abinath’s case to find justice.

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When not one of these issues has subdued in the recent times, this college comes up with a campaign for the much hyped KABALI. They have done a big promotional post series for the movie.
It all seems good, but why this sudden campaign? When all of us know what this college is capable of or what they have done so far in the past, is it even the least bit believable that they would do something remotely close to as a movie’s campaign??

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The management has taken their hostellers for the movie too. Is it just for a distraction purpose – a gimmick for their admission- (2016-2017) or are they genuinely interested in the welfare of their students?
We really hope that they have actually changed for real and this isn’t just a tactful way of distraction!


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