Here Is A Hilarious Demonstration For all Of Us On How To Apply Leave Tomorrow For Kabali!

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CM / Updated: 2016-07-21
14:36 IST

By admin


How many are hyped, sorry, over-hyped for watching KABALI FDFS tomorrow? A lot of you are. And being the middle-classy that we are, all of you are probably stuck between going to the office and bunking the day to watch Thalaivar movie 😛 Not to forget that we struggled more than anything to get the tickets first of all!

Well, it’s so unfair they release movies on Friday,  isn’t it? Why not do it on Sundays, dammit! Now, we have to come up with several reasons and excuses to tell our boss for asking one day leave at work.
And boy, oh boy! We just can’t use our usual “I’m sick today”, “My grandfather died”, “I have a doctor appointment” or “I’m going out of town”. Duh! The boss is going to know for sure you are obviously lying in order to go watch a movie!
But what does he know? It’s a Thalaivar movie and THAT means everything to us. Unless he is a Thalaivar fan himself, he wouldn’t know the problems faced by us if we don’t watch the movie on the very first day right!
1. You just can’t go into any social platforms. Fb or Insta is just going to be flooded with people posting statuses and photos of their first-day show gala!
2. There are going to many assholes who doesn’t think about the people who haven’t watched the movie yet, whatsoever, and updates status in the name of reviewing the movie, thus giving away the story! *facepalm*
3. There are going to be even worse assholes who are just going to say the movie sucked big time!
4. Swarms of check-ins in FB and your newsfeed is just going to have all these check-ins, making you lose your shit at a point!
5. And not to forget the bigger assholes, who are just going to mock us that we didn’t watch the first-day show as WE HAD TO GO TO THE FREAKING OFFICE! *right, kill me now!*
And by the time you come across all this and finally get the tickets to watch the movie, all your hype and enthusiasm of watching it would have disappeared. And your boss, wouldn’t understand this 🙁
For all those poor souls, who didn’t get the tickets or who couldn’t get a holiday to watch the movie, here’s a video that might make you laugh a little bit. 😀

Ahh well, it’s alright if you didn’t get to watch the FDFS. You are still going to be a THALAIVAR FAN!! B-) Ahem, says someone who is going to watch the movie only the second day!! :/

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