HerbaLife Company Threatened Doctor Isacc Abbas For Exposing Them??

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4 weeks ago

Doctor Isacc Abbas who has been uploading videos in his official Instagram handle to create awareness among his followers, on Monday, came up with a Instagram reel video saying that HerbaLife company, in a way of threatening him, sent him a legal notice in order to make him take down the videos he made against the company. Doctor Isacc, in his recent video, said that he never opined his personal views about their company but based on the research of National Institutes of Health.

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It all started after Doctor Isacc Abbas uploaded a couple of videos in his Instagram timeline, reporting against the company’s products. In one of the videos, the young Doctor said that Herba Life’s products such as Beta Heart, Formula 1 and Vritilife Brain Health causes harm to human body. Dr. Isacc Abbas asked the consumers of the products to stop using them and conduct a blood test immediately.

Dr. Isacc alleged that ALT Enzyme levels are high in the blood of people who constantly used the products of Herba Life. “Usually, when liver cells gets damaged, it releases the ALT Enzyme levels into the blood and it is a sign for liver injury” the Doctor said in his video. “Herba Life consumers are suffering with Hepatotoxicity which is an acute or chronic liver injury secondary to drugs or herbal compounds” said the Doctor in his video. The Doctor also explained that consuming supplementary as main food instead of consuming it with the food causes damage to our health.

Watch the video below :


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Now, weeks after the video went life in his profile, Dr. Isacc Abbas came up with a new video, alleging that Herba Life company sent him a legal notice as mail, in a way of threatening him.

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“Don’t think of threatening me by sending legal notice to me. The information I have been providing are not my personal opinions but are derived based on the research with The National Institutes of Health. People who consumed your products suffered with Tiredness, Jaundice and other liver problems and the research paper suggests them to stop using your products and consult a Doctor immediately. That’s what I’m saying too. Why are you asking me to remove my video??” Doctor Isacc Abbas said in his video.


Doctor Isacc Abbas also said that Herba Life asked him and his followers not to talk about their products. Further, he went on to report about the death of a 24 year old female who consumed Herba Life’s Formula 1, a weight loss product. “Instead of threatening me, why you didn’t contact the research centre?” the Doctor asked and assured that he will continue to talk about scientific truths through his videos.

Here’s the video :


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