“Her Expressions Were Irritating” – Doctor Sharmika On Chinmayi’s Video

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4 months ago

Ayurvedic Doctor Sharmika, in her recent interview with Galatta youtube channel, has expressed her displeasure over a video released by Chinmayi against her. On seeing a video of the doctor suggesting public to go ayurvedic to care their skin, hair and body instead of chemicals, Chinmayi confronted and said that her claims are not factual. On seeing the same, Doctor Sharmika said that she could have made her points in a much more dignified manner and added that her expressions irritated her.


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In her video, Doctor Sharmika said that our whole body is like a big mouth and we should use products that could be consumed as food. “Why should we use chemicals ? If we are using a shampoo, we should see if that could be eaten” the doctor said in her video. “If you want to avoid hair fall, go chemical free from today” she further said. Uploading her video in her Instagram timeline, Chinmayi asked why are we even drinking water if that is the case.

“Why can’t we open the shower and let our body consume the water instead of drinking it ?” Chinmayi asked in a sarcastic way. The renowned singer also said that the water we are drinking in a daily basis consists chemicals and we cannot avoid drinking it. Playing the video of doctor Sharmika, Chinmayi was seen giving expressions in a way of denying her statements.


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“Unnecessary Chemical fear mongering is a problem not only exists in India but the entire world facing it” Chinmayi said who went on to insist that Ayurvedic medicines also consists chemicals. Further, Chinmayi said that the reasons for hair loss could be genetic as well and added that the claims of Doctor Sharmika are not factual and baseless.

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In a way of replying to her, Doctor Sharmika appeared in a video and said that her context of her previous video was misunderstood by the singer. Sharmika believed that Chinmayi could have gained more knowledge if she saw the other videos of her. “I don’t have problem with what she said in that video but the way she expressed her opinions irritated me” the doctor said.

“The way she spoke in her video looked like she was mocking me. Children who are watching the video could get influenced by her video. The way she blinked her eyes in between, it could have been in a more dignified way as her video is a reply to a doctor. She even contacted me personally regarding my video but while she is talking in social media, there is a way to deliver her opinions. I didn’t like it at all. More than the content she spoke, her body language irritated me” Doctor Sharmika said.

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