Heart Breaking Video Of Young Girl Screaming To Leave Her Alone Gives Utter Shock !! POLLACHI SEXUAL ABUSE !!

CM / Updated: 2019-03-11
12:27 IST

In a shocking incident, a week ago, district police have arrested a three-member gang for sexually abusing a college girl and snatching her gold chain near Dharapuram. Investigating it, police stumbled on a wider racket of sexual abuse of over 50 young girls in this area.


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According to police, Sabari Rajan 25 an engineering graduate residing at Pollachi Jothi Nagar befriended a college girl on social media. In course of time they exchanged their mobile phone numbers. After gaining her confidence the youth asked the girl out for a date. On the way he also picked up his friends Satheesh, 28, from Sulesvaranpatty, Vasanth Kumar, 24, Bakkothipalayam and Thirunavukarasu, 26, from Makinampatty in his car.

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Meanwhile Nakkeeran has released a video of one of the victim in which she cries and begging to leave her alone to the group of men. It is also reported that it is only a sample and police has lot more videos of such kind. All of the victims belong to rural part of Tamilnadu where they are studying and working.

*We Have Removed The Video With Due Respect To The Followers Who Felt It Disturbing*

In the name of love, they betrayed those girls and more than 10 men sexually harassed them in their Chinnapalayam farm house. The farm house was owned by Thirunavukarasu. One of ADMK member named as “Bar” Nagarajan also involved in this and lawyer from Chennai brought to save him. It is also reported that the main culprits were released in bail.

This news created massive outrage in social as there are many voicing out to arrest those culprits.


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