“He Used To Call Me As Akka” – Aspiring Model Saranya About Prashanth, A Celebrity Photographer

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5 months ago

After a number of women came up with screenshots and messages of their Instagram chat with famous photographer Prashant, singer cum MeToo acivist Chinmayi uploaded a tweet in her official twitter handle questioning when do such personalities are going to realize. Aspiring model Saranya who caused women to come forward to expose the photographer, said that she felt guilty over not calling him out initially. She who initially thought what he was doing to her 3-4 years back was just a harmless flirt, got shocked after receiving so many messages from a lot of women.

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Instagram handle of Prashanth, photographer

A number of female Instagram users, accused a celebrity photographer named Prashanth for sexually harassing them through the photo/video posting online app. Screenshots of the photographer who enjoys 3 lakh plus followers in Instagram, flirting with women and inviting them to meet him personally keeps surfacing through Saranya Ravichandran, an aspiring model. The photographer is even accused of sending obscene pictures and videos to the women who chat with him regarding photoshoots/business purposes.

Saranya and Prashant were studying in the same college and as a matter of fact. the latter was a junior to the former. Post their graduation, They both got to know about each other through Facebook and united for a non-profit organisation’s event of cleaning beaches. Eventually, they both did a photoshoot and Prashant started texting her on Instagram.

He who was calling her as “Akka” initially, started making comments about her physique such as “ghumm nu irukka” and how she looks. The photographer went on to say that he is crazy about her and wants to be with a woman like her. However, Saranya turned him down and started ignoring his texts. Thinking that he was just trying to make a move, Saranya didn’t call him out until she came to know that he was doing the same to several other women, including to those who are in her same field.

A couple of days ago, Saranya came across a Reddit post in which someone posted a screenshot of how the photographer texted. Sharing the same in her Instagram handle, Saranya called him out by opening about how he approached her.

To her shock, plenty of women started sharing about their experience with the renowned photographer. “Little did I know, that I opened a box of worms. So many women reached out to me sharing his messages with them and their experiences. It got worse as time went by. From obscene messages to unwelcome moves, he has done it all. I created a post because I felt guilty for not having called him out long before I feel it has gotten progressively worse since no one called him out” the budding model said while recollecting about what she went through after sharing a story and went on to add “l am still astonished by the sheer amount of messages I have received in the last two days from different women. I am happy this has come out now and I am willing to fight it out as much as I possibly can”

Check out her posts below :

Singer and Me Too activist Chinmayi who came across such texts, came up with a tweet in her official Twitter handle writing “A very popular wedding photographer in Chennai is being outed by various women on Instagram for harassment. Will these crap bags ever learn?”

Here’s her tweet :

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