“He Hold My Lips And I Can’t Move My Feet”. Regina Cassandra Says She Was Molested Near Ega Theatre !!


Regina Cassandra is an Indian film actress appearing in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films predominantly. She started anchoring when she was nine for Splash, a kids’ channel and then moved on to work in commercials. She also acted in several short films, most notably Balaji Mohan’s Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi alongside Adith Arun, which was later made into a feature film in 2012 under the same name.

Regina Cassandra was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 13 December 1990. She completed Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Women’s Christian College, Chennai.

In a recent interview while she was asked about the “Asifa Rape Case” which shook India in big time, she questioned the entire men society what it takes them to stop this. She also asked “do women have to urinate themselves to keep all the men away?” she asked in that interview of indiaglitz.

She also revealed while she was in college she was sexually molested by a boy nearby Ega Theater Chennai. She and her friends went by walking together in the bridge near Ega theater where two boys crossed them by commenting on them. One boy had the audacity of catching hold of Regina’s lips and made awkward movements.

She said she was very shocked and stunned that she can’t even move her feet from the pavement. She also explained that after three more incidents she actually had the courage of stand against a man where she beat a guy hardly that the guy screamed “amma” and ran away. She said this in an interview with the youtube channel Indiagitz. You can watch her addressing about the issue in the below video from 2: 44 to 5: 08 :

Video Source : Indiaglitz




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