“He Didn’t Let Me Sleep” – Actor Vemal Accused A Producer Of Blackmailing Him

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11 months ago

Actor Vemal, after complaining about an individual named Singaravelan for threatening him and giving sleepless nights to him at commissioner office, met press reporters and explained about the mental trauma he has been going through for the past several years. It all started after a complaint was registered against the actor by a filmmaker who alleged that Vemak borrowed Rs. 5 crore from him during the shoot of “Mannar Vagayara” and still didn’t return it.


The Filmmaker who is from Peravallur, said that Vemal who produced and starred in a film named “Mannar Vagayara”, borrowed Rs. 5 lakh from him during the shooting of that film. The filmmaker alleged that Vemal is currently committed to 10 plus projects but is denying to repay his money.

Further, the filmmaker accused Vemal of threatening him whenever he asked him for his money. “Therefore, I request legal action to be initiated against Vemal and recover my 5 crore rupees from him” said the filmmaker in his complaint.

Vemal started his cinema career as a junior artist in films such as “Gilli”, “Kuruvi” etc. He became a household name after starring in a film named “Kalavani”. Followed by that, the actor gave quality films such as ” Vaagai Sooda Va”, “Kalakalapu” etc. He was recently appeared in a web series titled “Vilangu” which got widely recognized by fans.


Now, reacting to the complaint, Vemal met the press reporters and said that he  accepted to use his name under the credits of producer for the film “Mannar Vagayara” only because the producer would get finance to complete the film.

“I came to know about the complaint that was made against only through the news paper. I already made complaint against Singaravelan and Gopi and the others who worked with them, a year ago” Vemal said in the press interaction.

“Singaravelan didn’t let me sleep peacefully until I gave the police complaint. He was giving me mental depression for 3-4 years. He was disturbing me by contacting the producers with whom I was committing projects. He contacted them and asked them to pay my money to him. Also gave complaints to the producers council against me. Initially I was hesitant as I was afraid of my reputation getting ruined but decided to give a police complaint later” Vemal said in the press interaction.

“He used my fear as his tool and threatened. After I informed about it to my home, we decided to give police compliant as we had evidence. After I filed the complaint, blackmails and threatenings from him were reduced and now he again started doing it” Vemal said.

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“A new producer named Ganesh produced the film and I was just an actor in it. After finishing the shoot of half of the film, he couldn’t raise fund for the film as no one was ready to give him money. They asked me if they could use my name as producer so that they could get finance easily. After I nodded “yes”, they started demanding money from me for the expense if the film. One week after the release of the film, Singaravelan sent the people who worked in the film to my office to get their money. Singaravelan took care of all the production and distribution and started demanding money from me post release” Vemal said to the reporters.



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