Hazel James, A Teacher Landed In Trouble After Cheating A Business Man!!

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CM / Updated: 2023-03-25
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Hazel James, a Teacher from Coimbatore landed in huge trouble after cheating a Mumbai based businessman in the pretext of love. The police department has registered a case and is conducting an investigation against a Coimbatore school teacher who cheated a Mumbai business tycoon by hiding her marriage. He runs a travel company at Sembur railway station. Last year 2020, he became friends with a woman named Lorraine through his relative. After that, through Lorraine, he  got acquainted with Hazel James who lives in Botanur Satya Sai Nagar area of Coimbatore. Hazel James has posted videos and photos wearing modern clothes on social media including Instagram and Facebook.

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Seeing this, Rajesh liked her and started developing a close relationship. Followed this, it is said that both of them often talked on cell phones. Initially, Hazel James claims that she is an unmarried girl and has been dating Rajesh. After some days, she said that she got married and her husband died. Despite that, Rajesh has continued to interact with the woman. At that time suddenly one day Hazel James says that her husband is not dead and the divorce case is in Coimbatore court. But Rajesh, who does not want to leave that girl, got attracted by her speech and said that it is not a matter, according to reports. She also said that she has two daughters. Further, she said that she is facing a lot of difficulties as she is living with her father. Rajesh believed this and gave a loan of 90 thousand rupees to her.

Subsequently, Hazel James has asked her to help with her own business. As a result, Rajesh bought 20 lakhs in cash, beauty products, an expensive cell phone and a Skoda car.

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The accused has been very careful in purchasing goods and money and bought each item in the names of her relatives. In this case, it was revealed that Hazel James had a relationship with a soldier, Justin. Rajesh came to know that Hazel James was dating many men. Shocked by this, Rajesh asked the woman about this. Then Hazel told James that it is not good to interfere in her personal life. Due to this, a difference of opinion between took place between the two. Hazel James has been avoiding too interact with businessman Rajesh.

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After days, Rajesh has asked her to return his money. It is said that the woman threatened to kill the two children and commit suicide if he asked for the money back. Shocked by this, Rajesh again asked for his money after a few days. Then Hazel James threatened to kill the Mumbai based businessman saying that she will pay 2 lakh rupees to goons instead of paying 20 lakh rupees to him. Rajesh came to Coimbatore and complained about this to Municipal Police Commissioner Balakrishnan. Based on the complaint, Bothanoor police conducted an investigation.

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In the investigation, various information was found about Hazel James who cheated Mumbai businessman Rajesh. Hazel James’s father James is a retired army officer. Mother is working as a teacher in a famous school in Coimbatore. Hazel fell in love with the son of a police officer from Coimbatore while studying at James College. After this they both got married for love. They have two children after marriage. Subsequently, Hazel James’ family claimed that the police officer’s son had converted.

Both of them have a difference of opinion and are living separately And their divorce case is going on in Coimbatore court. Hazel James who worked as a teacher in various private schools in Coimbatore, was fired from there due to her actions. Last year, the police officer’s son went to Hazel James’ house in Bothanur to see his child.

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It has also been revealed in the investigation that she was dating an army soldier from Coimbatore and planning to marry him. Also, the investigation revealed that Hazel James planned to kill her first husband. Following this, the Botanur police department has registered a case under three sections against the school teacher Hazel James for cheating Mumbai businessman Rajesh and threatening to kill him.

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