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Hashtags Against Coimbatore Voters Are Trending In Social Media !!



Hashtags Against Coimbatore Voters Are Trending In Social Media !!

Hashtags against the voters of the Coimbatore district are trending in the micro blogging social media site with memes and trolls. The enormous number of reactions emerged in Internet after AIADMK’s V. Jayaraman registered his victory in Pollachi constituency after facing allegations of shielding the accused in the Pollachi sexual assault case. The defeat of fresh candidate Kamal Haasan in Coimbatore South constituency has also left Internet talking about the voters of the district. V. Jayaraman garnered 80,567 votes and defeated DMK’s K. Varadarajan by 1725 votes.


Kamal Haasan lost to BJP’s Vanathi Srinivaasan by 1500 votes. The AIADMK-BJP alliance won 10 out of 10 constituencies in the Coimbatore district.

Many people in Internet started criticizing the choice of the voters in Coimbatore district after the allegations surfaced against AIADMK in the Pollachi sexual assault case. It is also notable that a riot was caused by BJP supporters in Coimbatore during the arrival of Utter Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adithyanath. He entered the district to campaign supporting Vanathi Srinivasan to whom the people of the constituency provided the victory.

It was alleged that BJP cadres who participated in the bike rally had tried to provoke the local youth by sloganeering. The BJP supporters also reportedly pelted stones at shops in the area. The stones were pelted at shops that had allegedly refused to close their shutters for the rally of Yogi Adithyanath.

Here’s the video of the riot that took place during the visit of Yogi Adithyanath :

Now, on seeing the victory of BJP and AIADM candidates, hashtags such as “முட்டாள்_கோவையன்ஸ்”, “முட்டாள்கோவையனுங்க” are trending in Twitter. Check out some of the reactions under the hashtag below :



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