Harbhajan Singh Has A Special Message To Tamil Meme Creators !! JUST ROFL !!


Chennai Super Kings have been in fine form throughout the IPL 2019 thus far and members of the Yellow Army are now taking up a new sport: Silambam, a martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu.

In a video posted on CSK’s official Instagram page, different players try their hand at the martial art in which the weapon of choice is a bamboo staff.

Meanwhile Chennai Super Kings off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has been in good form for in IPL 2019. He was particularly impressive in the opening match of the season against RCB where he took three wickets for just 20 runs and led CSK to victory. So far he has played four matches and picked seven wickets in season 12. However, the turbanator also showed his skills off-the field when he aced the ‘Silambam’, a martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu, in a shoot for his franchise.

Bhajji who swinged ” two silambam” in both the hands left everyone in awe. Following this Harbhajan shared it in his personal twitter account and posted a special message to the people of Tamilnadu in tamil. His tweet said “பந்து எடுத்து சுழட்டவும் தெரியும். தேவ பட்டா கம்பூ எடுத்து சுத்தவும் தெரியும்.”சிலம்பாட்டம்” நானும் கெட்டவன்னு பேரு எடுத்த நல்லவன் தான் என்னோட வெற்றிக்கும் காரணம் அந்த ஆண்டவன் தான்.என்ன பா மீம் மேக்கர் அடுத்து என்ன முழுசா தமிழனா மாறுன பஜ்ஜிய பாரு அது தான.தமிழ் காதல்” (I Know How to spin a ball and how to swing a stick. Me too a man who gained a name as “evil”. God is the reason for my victory too. What meme creators ?? See the Bhajji who entirely changed as Tamizhan. Is that it ??)

As people are very much aware that these tweets were not written by Harbhajan Singh  players but by his friend and admin named as Saravana. People are enjoying it in a big time and considers these tweets as one of the favourite part in this season of IPL.

Check out some of the reactions :

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