10 Reasons Why Women Are Always Better Than Men

Things that show
without women the world can’t survive !
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Have you
heard the saying, ‘Beauty with Brains’ ?
Well, it is obviously made to describe women! We can be inspirational, wise and
funny. Today being Women’s Day, Let’s take a minute to appreciate women hood
and know why women are God’s best creation!
PS – I’m not
going to talk why women are better than men or debate on the comparison between
them. I’m merely going to stress the qualities of women that make them unique!
1. Women are stronger than men.. not just physically but mentally too!
We don’t
have to go to gym or practice stunts to become physically strong. We’re born
with it. Running the family, going to work, enduring all pressure through the
day comes easily to us. And guess what? We’re strong in our mind and heart too!
Slaying since forever! B-)
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2. We can handle any situation.. at any time!
It’s a piece
of cake for us. We control our emotions more that you ever know. Financial
crisis, emotional breakdown or confused calamity – we have got your back. Just
trust us with the situation and we will handle it in the best way!
Need solutions, anyone?! 😛
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3. Absolutely creative and brainy.
Why do you
think more than half the designing field has women employees? Cause we excel at
being creative and bring out the best. And what more can you ask when we’re
doing it in a brainy way!
Isn’t that a turn on? 🙂

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4. We are funny as hell..
Women can
turn anything into a laughter riot when she decides to do so. We’re capable of
being sarcastic and making you laugh instead of getting offended.
Didn’t you laugh already! 😉

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5. Women balance the human race.. It’s just incomplete otherwise.
Face it,
Without women, men can’t live! How much ever you deny this and keep saying
things against it, everyone knows inside for a fact that women are the ones who
make life beautiful for you guys!
Don’t even try denying this and be
called a liar!
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6. The earth goes round, cause we’re
I’m not
boasting, but seriously there’s not going to be life on earth for a long time
if we don’t exist and give birth! We’re blessed to be able to bring another
beautiful soul into this world!
Mothers can actually kick ass, you
know! B-)

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7. We excel in every field.. name it and we would have marked our
presence there!
usually targeted as the weaker sex and pushed down for various reasons. But we
have strived hard and risen above all this. Be it any field, business, sports,
politics, entrepreneurship, acting and what not, we are there and we are the
best there!
Oh! Did I tell you that we top the
studies too 😉
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8. Women play multiple roles..

Being a
mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend or girlfriend, we give our fullest love
and affection. We would shower you with our care and attention and nobody can
beat us at this!
So much for relationships goal, huh!
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9. Extremely talented.. that’s women for you!
has been our forte right from we were born. We rule! We excel in our talents
and make people be in awe of us. We have no bounds and are ready to take up any
Jealous much?! 😛

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10. Women are the personification of
Like everything
else, making sacrifices have been in-born for us. We would do anything for the
ones we love. From devoting our lives, giving up ambitions and name, undergoing
pain and receiving nothing in return, we readily sacrifice everything!
It isn’t easy but we’re willing 🙂

Women are
the synonyms of so many things.. Love, Purity, Beauty and  a countless number of other words. They are a
special blessing in disguise. Even if they aren’t worshiped and praised for
all things they do, at least they shouldn’t be condemned and criticized.
Because we
rock like that 😉 And am pretty sure the world can’t survive without these
gorgeous creatures! Hope this article proves that!!!
Happy Women’s
Day to all the pretty ladies. Go have fun cause you deserve it! :*


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