Guy Wrote “No Helmet, I Die Like Real Men” In His Bike, Got Trolled By Traffic Police In Social Media : ROFL !!


Police trolling traffic rule violators, on social media, is getting increasingly common. The latest to have joined the bandwagon is the Hyderabad Traffic Police, who recently posted pics of a lidless motorcycle rider and urged him to wear a helmet.

The images show a helmet-less motorcycle user on a busy road of Hyderabad. Interestingly, his Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle can be seen sporting a sticker that reads ” NO HELMET I DIE LIKE REAL MEN”. To this, the police have replied – “We r extremely Sorry Mr. Krishna Reddy Sir. We won’t let U die. We will see that U “LIVE LIKE REAL MEN”. Please wear helmet & ride.” – in theirTwitter post.

Lidless riding is a common practice in many parts of the country and it feels nice to know that the cops are taking the help of various social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, to make people more aware of safety rules and practices. Frankly, it is pretty sad to see how some motorcycle riders don’t take their own safety seriously. As conveyed through the sticker, there are some motorcycle riders who think that a helmet should be used by the less manly or simply speaking, by those who are a bit too scared.

However, please note that there is no bravery in riding without a helmet. If anything, it’s foolhardiness and even ends up being really harmful in the event of a crash. All motorcycle users, be it the rider or the pillion, should use an ISI-approved helmet. A high-quality helmet goes a long way to protect the head from severe injuries in an event of a crash.

As per available data, more than 50,000 two-wheeler users died in road accidents in the year 2016. Out of this, a really large number of casualties involved riders who weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Every two-wheeler rider should really start using a helmet for his own benefit. We are not sure if the traffic police have issued a challan to this lidless Pulsar rider but going by this post it’s clear that the police force is getting stricter against traffic rule violators.


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