Guy Argued With Swiggy In Twitter & Got A Free Ice Cream !!

A guy named as “Osama” overcame his boredom by winning a free ice cream from Swiggy online food delivery app by chatting with them in Twitter. Interacting with Swiggy in the micro blogging social media site is one of easiest ways to let them know about our problems and requests as we could get an instant reply from their employees as soon as tagging their official customer support handle “Swiggy Cares”.

Our “Osama” literally started with “Swiggy Cares, do you really care?” to get a reply from Shreya asking him to let her know about his concern. In his second message, Osama asked Swiggy to offer him a free ice cream to make himself feel better. Shreya answered to him by saying that Swiggy will consider his proposal after his post getting 500 likes and 250 retweets.

Osama who said that he is working in sales, negotiated with Swiggy to get an ice cream for 100 likes and 100 retweets. This time Sudha replied to Osama by writing “We believe our customers are Kings and kings don’t bargain”

Butterscotch Pecan Ice Cream Featured

Osama who seems to be a professional in his field, said that Kings are supposed to give orders. He asked Swiggy to give him a butterscotch ice cream and made Swiggy to accept for his earlier proposal of 100 likes and 100 retweets.

After this reply from Swiggy, Osama posted a tweet asking Twitter users to give him 100 likes, 100 retweets and ended up getting more than 1000 likes and 424 retweets so far. “Get me 100 likes and 100 RTs please cz then swiggy will give me a free ice cream. Thanks in advance! @SwiggyCares I deserve one like and RT from you as well.” he wrote in his tweet.

how to build an app similar to swiggy or zomato

This conversation took place between Osama and Swiggy on 28th of February and the twitter user confirmed that he is going to get a free ice cream from Swiggy as he achieved his target comfortably. He assured it while replying to one of his fellow twitter user.

It looks like a best way to kill our time rather than playing PUB-G, ain’t it ?? Comment your views on Osama earning a butterscotch ice cream by just staying in home !!


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