Groom Messaged A Girl Whom He Saw At His Wedding!! Bride Left Dejected

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2 months ago

Groom who was staring at a girl in his own wedding, messaged her through Instagram after his wedding to compliment her appearance. Bride left dejected after knowing about the same through the girl herself and the incident caused various kind of reactions from the users of internet platforms.

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The incident came to light after an individual named Komal Shahid shared about it in her Twitter timeline. Many of the men who commented on her post, blamed the bride for marrying someone who has no love for her and they were countered by Komal, bio of whom reads that she is a writer, creator and Journalist by degree.


Going by her tweet, Groom of her cousin’s friend kept staring at a girl in his own wedding and the bride’s friends caught him doing the same. After his wedding, the groom found that girl in Instagram and approached her through Instagram, saying that she looked really pretty.

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However, the girl told about it to the bride which left her weeping in depression. “So it was my friend’s cousin’s wedding last week & the groom was constantly staring at a girl at his OWN wedding (bride’s friends noticed) & then he approached her on instagram saying “you looked really pretty” & the girl told this to the bride & now she’s all depressed & crying” read the tweet uploaded by Komal.

Here’s her tweet :


When a follower commented saying “When you marry for things other than love 😔”, Komal replied “Somehow you guys will find a way to blame the girl …..”


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“Gave him a chance and circumstances to marry her too. Why the girls had made it taboo. Second marriage is allowed in religion, nor it’s against human nature, customs and traditions. Why you are people guys from 2nd / 3rd marriage. You allow girlfriend but not 2nd wife, why ??” another man commented to which Komal replied back asking whether he is real.


When a man commented “This is why we shouldn’t have mixed gatherings at weddings (or anywhere). Islam is very realistic about human nature”, Komal said “Lol! THIS is your take on this? I am sure you’re a cheater yourself”

“The replies under this tweet are insane and sad at the same time” a user commented on seeing the tweet and reactions.

Another girl commented “men shouldn’t marry at all if they can’t stay loyal to one woman!that’s it”

“This is not uncommon. Imagine being such incel that it’s the first time ever you see some girls talking to you nicely, so you think you can pull off hitting on them” another user’s comment read.

“It was my mom’s friend’s daughter’s wedding n groom kept staring at me while sitting next to her. He even inquired from his own bride” one more comment  read.

Comment your views on the tweet uploaded by Komal about what happened to her cousin’s friend and the kind of reactions it received!!

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