“Greeshma Forced Sharon For s*x Before Poisoning Him” – Chargesheet Revealed..!

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3 weeks ago

Greeshma Case – The District Crime Branch has submitted a chargesheet to the Judicial First Class Magistrate (II) court at Neyyattinkara in the Sharon murder case. The chargesheet reveals that the victim, Sharon, had discovered before his death that his lover, Greeshma, had poisoned him. According to the chargesheet, while in the ICU, Sharon confided to a relative that Greeshma had spiked an Ayurvedic syrup called “kashayam” with pesticide, and that his death was certain.

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Sharon and Greeshma

The chargesheet also details the sexual relationship between Greeshma and Sharon, including their phone conversations and meetings. On the night of October 13, 2022, they engaged in sexual talk for over an hour. The next morning, Greeshma contacted Sharon several times to invite him over for intercourse. Sharon later told his relative that he went to Greeshma’s house on October 14 because she had compelled him to come over. It was on that day that the poisoned kashayam was served to Sharon, which led to his death.

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Greeshma with his Lover

The chargesheet also includes information about Greeshma’s attempt to cover up the murder. She deleted her chats with Sharon from her phone and searched Google and YouTube to learn if deleted chats could be recovered. The chargesheet also names Greeshma’s mother, Sindhu, and her uncle, Nirmalakumaran Nair, as co-conspirators in the murder.

The chargesheet provides details of the couple’s relationship, which started in October 2021. Greeshma got engaged to a man in the Army in March 2022, but the affair with Sharon resumed in May. They got married twice, once at Sharon’s house and once at a church in Thiruvananthapuram. They also consummated their marriage in a hotel in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu.

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Greeshma decided to get rid of Sharon because her wedding with the soldier was approaching. She researched overdosing on paracetamol and dolo tablets in water and kept them in her bag. She also bought two juice bottles and mixed one with the paracetamol solution in the washroom of Sharon’s college. However, Sharon did not drink it as it tasted bitter. Greeshma later served Sharon the poisoned kashayam at her house on November 14, 2022.

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After Sharon drank the kashayam, he threw up several times, and Greeshma gave him sweet juice to remove the bitter taste. Sharon told his friend that Greeshma had cheated him by offering the kashayam. He later died in the hospital from damage to his kidneys, liver, and lungs. Greeshma removed the label on the bottle of the pesticide used to kill Sharon and discarded it at a rubber plantation next to her house, according to the chargesheet.

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