Government School Teacher’s Emotional Words On Seeing The Video Of The Abusive Student!!

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11 months ago

A twitter user named Selvam who works as a teacher in a government school, on Friday, expressed his dejection over the viral video in which a student named Maari was seen abusing his Botany teacher. The emotional tweet of Selvam broke the heart of many online users as the teacher said that the act of Maari trying to beat his teacher is bearable but the abusive  words he uttered we’re o painful.

A plus two studying student named Maari who abused his teacher inside class room, got suspended after the video went viral in social media platforms with users of it condemning the behavior of the student by tagging Anbil Mahesh, Minister of School education and Chief minister MK Stalin.

The incident happened in a government school that is located in Aambur located near Thirupathur, Tamil Nadu. Botany teacher Sanjay Gandhi asked Maari who was sleeping in the classroom to submit his record note. Maari, in reply, started abusing the teacher personally and degraded him. Along with Maari, other students in the classroom demeaned Botany teacher Sanjay Gandhi with one of them recording the whole incident in his cell phone. It has been reported that Sanjay Gandhi recently joined the school after getting transfer from a school in Dharmapuri.

In the video which is being widely circulated, a bunch of students who are sitting inside the classroom under the supervision of a Sanjay Gandhi, Botany teacher, could be seen abusing him by uttering inappropriate words.


Maari was seen removing his shirt and wearing it again in front of his teacher. He also could be seen gesturing to swing his hand at the teacher who was standing there, starring at the student. At a point, the teacher tries to get out and decides to stay inside the classroom.

Many other students in the classroom could be heard abusing the teacher with cuss words. Recently, it has been reported that Maari got suspended from the school after the video caught the attention of the authorities. Two more students who supported Maari’s act were also got suspended, according to reports.

However, a popular twitter users who goes by the handle name “Selvam Arasu Palli Aasiriyar”, reacting to the incident, said “I could tolerate the student gesturing to hit the teacher but the words he uttered against the teacher’s mother and wife is still paining. What could we tell about this toxic mentality?” through his tweet.

Check his tweet below:

Here’s some of the opinions of his followers and online users for his tweet :

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