Google Asks Why Indians Always Asking Google Assistant To Marry Them !! Receiving Hilarious Answers !!

4 years ago

While it’s not unusal for brands to engage with users on social media, it’s rare for a brand to take a dig at them. But that’s just what Google India did when it poked fun at Indian users of the Google Assistant using a ‘We really really really’ meme.

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Using the latest meme that has been used by top corporate Twitter accounts in the US – like sports clubs and others – Google India asked Indian users a very serious question: why do people keep asking the Google Assistant to marry them?


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“Google, can you map my fastest route to the destination?” and “Hey Google, what’s the score of today’s match ?” may be among the usual questions you ask your Google Assistant, but have you ever asked your Google Assistant to marry you? Turns out, Indian users have.


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When Google launched their assistant it was an instant hit. Now, it is even more popular than ever, because of its efficiency.

Recently, Google India asked the users a funny question. They used a meme format to ask why Indian users are asking Google Assistant to marry them.


Check out the link that Google India posted on their official twitter site, using the meme, ‘We really really…’.

The AI-powered virtual assistant is primarily available on mobiles and smart home devices, and can engage in two-way conversations. And while it’s not certain how many Indians have asked the Google Assistant to marry them, it may just be a high number going by the tweet.

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To this question of Google, Indians came up with their final weapon humour to defend themselves. Their reaction to what Google asked was just hilarious. Check out some of them here :

The ‘really really really’ meme gained popularity in January on Twitter in which people write what they want after typing the word “really” multiple times to create a wave pattern.

Now comment what’s so desperate for Indians to marry a Google assistant ??

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