Go Back Modi Trending Again In Tamilnadu Due To Modi’s Visit !! Check Out The Posts


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to launch various projects in Tamil Nadu on Friday. But like the last time, people in the state don’t seem to be keen on having him over. Twitter users expressed their anger towards the prime minister by tweeting with the hashtag #GoBackModi. It became the top trending hashtag on Friday morning.

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They had been doing it for the last two times that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visiting Tamil Nadu. They are at it this time too. Ahead of PM Modi’s scheduled arrival in Tamil Nadu on Friday, the hashtag #GoBackModi was trending on Twitter.

A majority of them are criticising the Prime Minister for his blatant politicisation of the surgical strike.

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“When hero Wing Commander Abhinandan is captive in Pakistan, India’s Prime Campaigner is busy in election preparations”, wrote one user on Twitter. Tamil Nadu, as a state, has largely remained immune to the influence of Modi or the BJP and that is what the residents want to ensure for the future as well.

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As you can make out from the tweets, Tamil Nadu is not at all eager to have Modi interfere with their affairs, and Twitter users made it quite clear this morning.

Check out what they have to say:

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