Girls Desperately Wants To Try This “Period Cramp Stimulator” On Every Man !! MUST WATCH VIDEO

A video of a group of men and women trying a period cramp stimulator has been doing rounds in social media platforms lately. The viral video shows men reacting in different ways while using the period cramp stimulator with women tolerating the pain effortlessly. The video has been garnering various kind of reactions from the users of the digital media across the globe. Tamil actress Akshara Haasan shared the video in her official Instagram handle and said that women are going through the struggle every month. She wanted others to help women during such situations instead of completely shunning it away.


The video starts with a man using period cramp for the first time and he who couldn’t bear the pain falls on the sofa nearby. The clip suggests that he is experiencing level 10 of the period stimulator. Followed by him, a women tried it with the same level and she couldn’t even feel it which is probably because women are going through the pain constantly throughout their life since early teens.


After her, a number of men and women could be seen trying the stimulator at the same level and it is no different. Men couldn’t bear the pain whereas women tolerating it without even a flinch. One of the women says that he period pain is worse than this. The men who couldn’t handle the pain, wants the stimulator to be stopped. “there’s no way you are walking around like this” one of the men says to a woman.

Watch the video below :

The video garnered wide attention from the users of social media platforms. Many of the girls wanted men to try it to know about the pain women are going through all their life. “i think all men should try a period cramp simulator” a social media user said whereas another one said “I want to try that period cramp simulator on every man in my life. Everyone of them gotta know what the women in their life are going through. I need that object.”


Check out some of such reactions below :


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