Girl Woke Up At Her Funeral !! Case Filed Against Doctors

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7 months ago

Three year old child woke up at her funeral after being declared as dead by the doctors. However, the child died moments later. Mother of the toddler filed a case against the healthcare professionals to prevent such incidents happening in the future. The incident took place at Mexico, Unites States.

A local publication named El Universal reported that the incident happened on 17th of August. The child named Camila Roxana Martinez’s mother accused the local hospital of negligence for telling her that her daughter died. It all started after the child was taken to the hospital in her hometown of Villa De Ramos after she suffered vomiting, stomach pains and fever.

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Initially, the child’s mother Mary Jane Mendoza was advised to take her to a bigger hospital by a local pediatrician. While discharging the three year old, the doctor also gave a prescription for a paracetamol. However, Camila’s condition continued to deteriorate after which she took her to another doctor.

After prescribing the child different medications, the doctor asked the mother to give her child fruits and water. After realizing that there is no improvement in Camila’s health condition, the family rushed Camila to a emergency room of a hospital.

Mary said that the hospital took a long time to put oxygen on her daughter. After 10 minutes of putting her on intravenous fluids, the Doctors removed it and asked her Mother to “let her rest in peace”, according to reports. The Doctors also declared “Dehydration” as an official result for the girl’s demise.

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Next day, During the funeral, the child’s mother witnessed a glass panel in her daughter’s coffin mysteriously clouding over. Her relatives didn’t believe her and said that Mary couldn’t come in terms with her daughter’s death and is “hallucinating”. Moments later, the little girl’s grandmother spotted Camilia’s eyes moving and shocking discovered the three year old having pulse.

The girl was taken to hospital immediately with the help of an ambulance where the Doctors tried to revive her and failed. They declared her dead again. Cerebral Edema (Brain Swelling) has been named as the reason for Camilia’s death this time. The Child’s mother filed a legal case against the Doctors who declared her dead.

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According to reports, the mother said that he has no grudge against the Doctors but want them to be charged legally which would stop such negligence happening in the future from the healthcare professionals. The San Luis Potosi State Attorney General has started investigating into the case.

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