Girl Thrashed Zomato Guy With Slipper In Public !! VIDEO GOES VIRAL

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7 months ago

A viral video that shows a girl thrashing Zomato delivery executive with slipper is going viral in internet with internet users reacting to it in various ways. The incident came to light after a twitter user named “Bogas 04” explained about the ordeal the delivery guy faced through his series of tweets. The incident seemingly happened at Bangalore, Karnataka and a detailed report about the viral video is expected soon.


Earning money through delivering food became an alternative job for every individual who struggled to get a job from a recognized firm. Even graduates and employees of various companies are opting for the job to manage their financial crisis. Men wearing the T-shirts of Swiggy, Zomato waiting outside restaurants and eateries to get the food people order through the app and delivering them within the time frame they are provided, deserves minimum recognition from the consumers.

If not recognition, they must be treated with little respect as a fellow human being. However, the ground reality is absolute contrast as we could see the employees narrating the humiliation they are facing from the customers in social media platforms such as youube. Many incidents about food delivery employees getting beaten by the customers are also taking place occasionally.


Video of one such incident is going viral in social media platforms since the evening of Wednesday. The video shows a woman thrashing a zomato employee with her slipper continuously is doing rounds in internet. The man could be seen leaving the spot with eyes full of tears and the incident left the users of Internet fuming. According to a twitter user who reported about the incident, the food was supposed to be delivered to him and the woman took it from him before hitting him with slippers.

Watch the video below :

The Zomato guys reportedly left the place crying in the fear of losing his job. Tagging the verified account of Zomato care and Zomato, the user wrote “The delivery executive got assaulted while delivering my order (#4267443050). Some woman took the order from him and started hitting him with her footwear. He came to my place crying and terrified that he would lose his job” he wrote in his tweet and attached the video which was deleted by him now upon the request of the delivery executive.

“Luckily bystanders recorded the incident on video, though at the moment he hasn’t received one with audio. Should probably get it by tomorrow. I tried calling customer care but they weren’t able to understand and weren’t helpful. I told them that “I don’t care about the order, your partner got assaulted, please help him”, but they asked me to tell rider to contact rider support. He tried that but they didn’t understand Kannada, and of course, he was scared to lose his job” the twitter user further said through his tweet.

“I’m tweeting so that the DE gets justice and job security. I asked the customer representative to connect me with their superior to explain it better. Please look into this urgently and help him. Looking forward to explain further on call” he added.

Here’s how internet reacted to the incident :

Many users of internet gave their benefit of doubt in favour of the girl as there was no audio in the video which is doing rounds. In the meantime, Zomato has responded saying that they will look in to the matter.


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