Girl Student Accused Uber Driver Of Sexually Harassing Her !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-09-26
19:40 IST

A journalism student, twitter handle name of whom read as “Ishita singh”, through a series of tweets, narrated about the ordeal she went through after traveling in an auto with her friend. She was sexually assaulted by the driver of the auto after her ride and she managed to file a complaint after o many complaints. .


Introducing herself as a journalism student from ACJ India, Ishita said that the driver’s name is Selvan and she happened to get his ride through Uber app. Going by her tweets, the accused pressed the victim’s right breast near Ibis hotel, OMR while she was returning from ECR to the hotel.

“The incident occurred while my friend was making the payment and I was stepping out of the auto. To fight back, I screamed. We also tried to stop him but somehow he managed to escape. I immediately called the police but there was no response” she said.


“After waiting for 30 mins, an inspector along with a man came to the hotel to investigate. He asked us to wait till the morning to file an FIR , as there was NO lady officer at the station. “It’s an order by the government” he said, when asked about the lady officer” she further said and went on to add “He was also not letting us go to the police station to file an offline FIR. But we still managed to go to the Semmencherry Police Station, along with two hotel employees. Also, the station in charge did not let us enter the police station as women are NOT allowed during night”

“I had to file the complaint outside the station. Also, the station incharge gave us an A4 sheet to write an application instead of an FIR. (Usually, the Police ask you to file an application instead of an FIR, to suppress the matter and to avoid the work load)” her next tweet read and she was asked to meet a lady police officer the next morning which led Ishita to file an FIR through online.

Add all his details through her tweet thread, Ishita said “As per the evidences, he’s punishable under section 354 and 506 of IPC. It was so traumatic that my friend and I still cannot process it. The fact that he had the audacity to ‘smirk’ while I was screaming at him. I don’t think I can ever forget his face”

Here’s her tweet thread :

Responding to the complaint, Uber came up with reply saying “Hey Ishita, this is concerning. Please share the registered details via Direct Message with which the trip was requested. We’ll follow up”

“Case registered in Semmanchery Ps. We are searching for the auto driver” read the reply of Tambaram Police and the last update of Ishita which was provided three hours ago as now reads “Currently filing a detailed petition at Chemmanchery Police Station. So far the Police has been cooperative. They have extracted his details, including his address. However, he has still not been arrested”

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