Girl Struggled To Attend Online Class Without Smartphone !! Actress Sent Her An iPhone


After seeing a struggling story of a girl student who scored an impressive 94 percent in her pre university college exams in NDTV, actress Taapsee Pannu who is known among Tamil audience for her appearance in “Aadukalam”, “Aarambam”, presented an iPhone for her to study online. The Karnataka based student’s father sought help to get a smartphone to assist in the education of his academically bright daughter.

Among the many who came forward to bear the girl and her two sisters educational expenses, the 32 year old “Badla” actress offered a brand new iphone to help her in online classes. The iPhone reached the girl on Friday. “Today, I git the phone from Tapsee madam. It’s an iPhone which I can’t believe. I could not even have imagined this ! I will work hard and will try to clear NEET. Let your blessings be with me” the student said to the media.

The father borrowed money from his relatives and sold his wife’s gold ornaments to educate his three children. Due to this COVID19 pandemic, whole country’s educational system turned online temporarily. The family which had a basic model mobile, couldn’t afford a smart phone all of a sudden. They felt grateful for the timely help of the actress.

Replying to the editor of NDTV who thanked Taapsee, the actress said that we need more girls to study. She said that it is her small contribution for a better tomorrow of our country. “We need more girls to study. We need every child to study. We need more doctors. This is my small effort in making sure our country has a better tomorrow. Thank you for facilitating it :)” read her reply tweet.

On seeing these activities of the actress, one of a vicious social media user said that the actress is doing it for “Publicity Stunt”. Taapsee, who is very well known for her befitting replies to her haters in online, asked him to do the same stunt without using a dupe.

“Haan sir yeh wala stunt aap bhi try karo. N please don’t use a body double for this one. Try doing this yourself :)” read the reply tweet of the actress which is roughly translated as “Yes sir. You also try this stunt. And please don’t use a body double for this one. Try doing this yourself”

Check out her tweet here :

The actress who is famous for such instant yet stunning replies said that these kind of trolls are her secret friends who bring out the best in her.

Comment your views on this kind gesture and witty replies of the actress !!


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