Girl Found Her Nude Pictures In Her Step Father’s Laptop !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-08-21
12:27 IST

The crime against women are increasing in high rate in country India. Followed by the several sexual harassment crimes that took place in the quarantine wards which are allotted for the COVID 19 patients across the country, a shocking report on a father clicking his step daughter’s private pictures surfaced and created huge outrage. The incident took place in Hyderabad’s Nacharam neighbourhood.


The accused identified as Rajesh (45), had married a woman with a daughter few days ago after the death of his first wife. The woman’s daughter recently noticed Rajesh making “surreptitious move” at her. athe now 20 year old law student grew suspicious of his intentions, following which she checked his laptop while using it in July month. She was taken by a shock to find her nude photos in one of the folders.

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“Her mother was the accused’s second wife. The girl was around 14-15 year old when the pictures were taken”, said Nacharam inspector, Kiran Kumar.

She told her mother about it immediately and they both went to Nacharam Police station and registered a complaint against Rajesh. Police booked him under relevant sections of the law and took him under their custody. However, during the medical examination, he tested positive for COVID 19.


Rajesh Kumar was placed under quarantine for 14 days as advised by the government to manage the spread of the infection. “The case was registered on 29th of July. We had initially arrested the accused but he tested positive for COVID 19” the Police said. A report said that his quarantine period ended on Tuesday and police arrested him on Wednesday.

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In yet another incident, a man allegedly sold off his 13 year old stepsister to a prostitution racket for Rs.27,000 in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh last month. The incident came to light after the teenager called up police and sought up. Police immediately traced the minor’s location with the help of the received call and conducted an undercover operation to rescue her.


Police came to know that the girl had been living with her step brother in Nellore district because her parents often fought over a property issues and few other issues. The step brother and his wife took her to Singarayakonda and sold her off to the prostitution racket. Both of them were booked under the POCSO act and the immoral traffic act.

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