Girl Exposed Multiple Men Who Harassed Her Through Social Media!!

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1 month ago

Girl in Instagram exposed multiple men who harassed her through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram etc. Through her series of posts, it could be understood that her personal number was shared by a miscreant in a public social media group, stating that she is “available” and as a result, many men started sliding into her WhatsApp and other personal spaces.


She who suffered a lot mentally, after a point, decided to expose each and every man who texted and going to text her to see if she is “available” for them. Before exposing them, the victim who identifies herself as “Roja”, said that she doesn’t care whether the individuals she is going to expose are someone else’s brother/friend/boyfriend or any kind of relation.

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The post was shared by singer cum me too activist Chinmayi in her Instagram space. Calling her as “Hero”, Chinmayi suggested her followers to support her and also encouraged her to expose the culprits.

It all started after an unknown guy shared Roja’s picture in a group and claimed that he had intercourse with her in a washroom of a club. He who couldn’t be identified, shared Roja’s personal numbers and other details which made many men to “approach” her and harass her.

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Fake Post which caused the mental trauma for Roja

“On 25th December, I received multiple messages from new numbers and many insta DMS all of a sudden.
My work finished at 8.30 am, I went to church and visited one of my family friend. That’s when the first message
came in. It was Christmas, so I thought maybe one of my friend or relative who I didn’t save the number
is trying to wish me. But it was not that. Received quite a number of messages in whatsapp, telegram and Instagram
From strangers. I panicked and I blocked all of them. I managed to screenshot few of the messages” Roja started to write about the trauma she went through.

“At around 10pm, another guy texted me from a Singapore nunber. The way he initiated the conversation was different from others, so I replied. I desperately wanted to know what happened. He told me everything.
I got to know that, 2 of my pictures (taken from my Instagram story) was posted on social media with false statement and slandered captions. Along with that, my Instagram handle and mobile number was shared. I reported to PDRM and SKMM multiple times, I’ve been sending chasers to the IO who took this case, yet no response. And nothing
happened. I installed Tumblr to check on the post, The page got deactivated, but I still can see the post from the accounts who reposted the initial post, I’ve lost lope and moved on. I’m traumatized to even check my
phone every time I wake up from sleep wondering “how many new nunbers have texted me today'”. It has been a month now and I am still receiving messages” She said.

one of the chat screenshots shared by the victim

“The last one was on 25/01, I replied. This new guy told me that he got my number from telegram, through his
friend. He claimed that he got my number bez in single, which pissed me off. So what if someone is single?
Doesn’t mean any men can get my number and text me without my consent right ? He did revealed the telegram group as well. When I checked, my nmber was not posted publicly, but I saw one person was asking to PM him for indian girls number ., Maybe the desperate “gentleman” PM-ed him/her” Roja’s post further said.

“I think I’ve tolerated enough. I did nothing wrong on my end. So why should I be crying in silence? I’ve gathered my guts to reveal every number, telegram account and Instagram chats who did reached out to me after seeing
the post. I’ll be revealing the telegram group as well as the list of members. Idc if it’s someone else’s husband,
boyfriend, brother or friends. Know that your husband / boyfriend / brother / friend desperately texts any girl. Just bez my number was shared, they were sliding into my WhatsApp, IG and telegram to check if they
can get something out of it, what else could be the intention right? DISGUSTING, MAN! The man stated he f’ed me in a club? If he did, why didn’t he post that video or such picture ? Hey men, if this happens to your
Own gf or sisters, is that okay?” She questioned.


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Further, Roja said that anyone can share an image of anyone with whatever caption they need but before sharing them or to trust them, one should “Think”. Roja said that she is revealing all the numbers in order to avoid more people texting her in the future and for her own safety.

She also wondered what harm she committed to the person who shared illicit false information about her. ” I’m 201% sure that u have never done anything that has earned so much hatred. If I owe you an apology or any explanation, let me know. If this is done out of jealousy, let’s have a talk” She said to the person who caused all the mental trauma to her.

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Roja also encouraged other women to approach her with phone numbers and other details of men if they need to expose them.

Swipe the post below to see the men Roja exposed  :


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