Get Above 45 On This Checklist To Prove You’re Really From Chennai

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  1. 1You have nearly gotten into a fist fight with an auto guy over the rate
  2. 2You have wished horrible things on some auto drivers, and you have shared your life secrets with some other auto drivers
  3. 3Whenever friends from other cities talk about how great their place is you have shut their argument down with the ₹120 ticket cap for theatres
  4. 4You know who the Aandavan of Alwarpet is
  5. 5You’ve gone to the 4 a.m. show at Rohini Theatre for a Thalaivar release
  6. 6You’ve stood in line for a ₹10 ticket
  7. 7You’ve stood in line at a TASMAC
  8. 8You don’t have any shame in asking your foreign return friends to pick up copious amounts of booze from the duty free store for you, because TASMAC
  9. 9You used to have a bootlegger before “elite” TASMAC opened
  10. 10Now you know which of the Elite TASMACs have the best stuff
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  12. 11It’s taken you a while to digest, and accept the fact that Anna Nagar and Shollinganallur are considered “city limits”
  13. 12You’ve watched the sun rise at Elliot’s beach
  14. 13You’ve watched the sun rise at Marina beach
  15. 14You’ve watched the sun rise at Thiruvanmiyur beach
  16. 15You cannot get enough of the maanga and kadala sundal at the beach despite your mother’s warnings about its possible effects on your stomach
  17. 16You’ve shot balloons at the Marina beach and felt very dangerous
  18. 17You’ve had biryani at SAMCO
  19. 18You’ve had biryani at Velu Military
  20. 19You’ve had tiffin from a Kaiyendhi Bhavan
  21. 20Your first pizza was from Hot Breads
  22. 21You’ve had food at Saravana Bhavan so many times now that it’s literally the last place you’ll go to when you’re hungry
  23. 22…And yet, every time you travel, you end up going to an HSB branch at least once. AT LEAST ONCE. ADMIT IT.
  24. 23You’ve had chaat, jalebis and baadam milk at Mint Street
  25. 24You’ve had the keera vadai at Karpagambal Mess
  26. 25You can’t stand sweet sambar
  27. 26Your school field trips/excursions have consistently been to Birla Planetarium, Egmore Museum, Guindy Zoo and Crocodile Bank
  28. 27Your first “road trip” with your friends/cousins was to Pondy
  29. 28Your vehicle has been checked by the police for booze smuggling on your way back from Pondy to the city
  30. 29You’ve bribed a policeman
  31. 30You’ve refused to bribe a policeman
  32. 31Your vehicle has been apprehended and you have been made to blow into a policeman’s breathalyzer while returning home late
  33. 32You’ve been to a kutcheri at The Music Academy
  34. 33You’ve frequented sabhas during the December music season not for the concerts, but for the canteens
  35. 34You’ve seen a play at The Museum Theatre
  36. 35You’ve taken the MTC bus to get around
  37. 36You once passed on ticket change from the bus conductor that was actually meant for you
  38. 37You honed your elbowing skills by taking the 21C
  39. 38You’ve taken the suburban train
  40. 39You’ve taken the MRTS
  41. 40You’ve taken the MRTS during off-peak hours and spent your time in the (empty) station and in the (empty) train praying that you don’t get abducted
  42. 41You hate the metro rail construction that’s happening right now and blocking up all the roads
  43. 42When a part of the metro was inaugurated though, you took a ride anyway, just to see what the fuss was about
  44. 43Each time you pass the first (and original) Landmark, you look in that direction and your heart sinks a little
  45. 44You’ve been to a cricket match at Chepauk
  46. 45You’ve been to a rained out cricket match at Chepauk
  47. 46You think, no, you know, that the greatest IPL team ever is the Chennai Super Kings
  48. 47You know whose number 9841072571 is
  49. 48You judge people based on whether they say “Chennai” or “Madras”
  50. 49Girls: Your first bra was from Naidu Hall. Boys: Those headless bra statues on Naidu Hall’s display were a subject of endless fascination during your teenage years
  51. 50You miss street shopping at Pondy Bazaar
  52. 51You have a guy at Ritchie Street who can fix any gadget
  53. 52You’ve gotten lost inside Spencer Plaza
  54. 53You’ve gotten lost in Ranganathan Street
  55. 54You’ve always wanted to shop at Amethyst and Anokhi but ended up becoming too broke for it just by paying for the coffee there
  56. 55You still refer to Crowne Plaza as Adyar Gate
  57. 56You don’t know from where this trend of adding “ji” to fully tamil sentences came from, and you don’t understand it.
  58. 57You add “ji” to fully tamil sentences.
  59. 58Most of the swear words you know are those that you picked up while yelling at/being yelled at in traffic
  60. 59You would never admit this openly – but you’re actually not offended by the word ‘Madrasi’ because as far as you’re concerned, you *are* Madrasi
  61. 60You volunteered during the Chennai Floods of December 2015, and thought the whole ‘Spirit of Chennai’ thing was a little silly at first, but you don’t ever remember being more proud of your city than you were then.


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