Gayathri Raguramm Wants Julie To Go To Police For The Filthy Comments !! Check What She Has To Say !!

4 years ago

Juliana is a Nurse by profession. She is from south part of tamil nadu. With the fame of Bigg Boss, Julie is acting in a couple of Tamil movies as supporting roles and also plays lead role in movies such as Amman Thaaye , Uththami, Anitha MBBS. She was prominently known for her appearance during Jallikattu Protest in Marina beach. With the fame of Jallikattu protest, She made an entry to television with Bigg Boss.


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Today morning Julie uploaded a video of herself hitting back at the trollers and abusers for their filthy comments in her comment section. “What do you gain in your life by hurting me ?? Are you getting happiness through abusing me ?? Do i cause any loss in your life ?? Is there any rightness in trolling me with the BIGG BOSS show which is completely done ? I am simply doing my job why you guys dragging me in all such things ? I couldn’t even bear to see those abusive comments which are way too much for what I did. The one who never lied in their entire life only has the right to comment in my posts. Every time I read an abusive comment my hear aches. My hearty thanks to those who scolded me with care and those who really care for me” Julie said in the sefie video.

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On watching her video, Gayathri Raguram who is a popular dance master and actress in Kollywood industry came in support for Julie. It is notable that Gayathri was also one of the co-contestants of Julie in the BIGG BOSS show. In her reply tweet Gayathri wrote “Julie give a police complaint n don’t waste time on loosers. Be brave bold. Let them die seeing ur growth. Don’t worry. God is there believe in god. They are cowards writing comments on Twitter most of them r psychotic ill brain b****these criminals need to be caught. #staystrong”

Following that she also wrote “Go give a police complaint and I’m here to support u. Motti ku motti police thatna Dhaan theriyum. For harassing girls on SM and online forum. Such ill psychotic brain b****** r the ones who do crime like rapes. They don’t respect any women in their house aswell.@lianajohn28”

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Gayathri Ragurammis an Indian choreographer and actress who has worked in the South Indian film industry. The daughter of prominent choreographer Raghuram, Gayathri began her career as an actress in the 2002 film Charlie Chaplin and after a career break, she began working as a choreographer in films during 2008. Julie and Gayathri together received major hatred among the audience during the show as they acted against Oviya who had many followers at that time.

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