Gayathri Raguramm Slammed Dindigul Leoni For His Speech About Women !! WATCH

Former Bigg Boss contestant, actress and BJP politician Gayathri Raguramm slammed Dindigul Leoni for a speech he made while campaigning for DMK party. The video of his speech is going viral in social media platforms with many users asking Kanimozhi to take against him.


In the video, Leoni could be heard body shaming women saying that they have become like a “barrel” after drinking milk from foreign breed of cows. “There are different kind of cows. People use milking machine to collect milk from foreign cows. Using this machine, one can milk 40 litres of milk from the foreign breed of cows” Leoni started his speech.


“Our women have put on weight after drinking the mil of these foreign cows. Our women used to have shape that resembled number “8” earlier” he said. He further said that the women of our state have lost their shape and have become like barrels as they drink the milk of foreign cow.

The video went viral in social media platforms with people slamming him for the way he body shamed the women of our state. Many tagged the official twitter account of DMK leader Kanimozhi and asked her to get rid of people like Leoni.

Watch the video below :


BJP Leader and Bigg Boss celebrity Gayathri Raguram came up with a tweet slamming Leoni by asking him whether he knows about what happens to woman’s body post pregnancy or during hormonal stages and asked Kanimozhi on what does she like to say to this kind of male chauvenist.

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“What a shame.. what milk does he drink? Does he know what happens to women’s body post pregnancy or during hormonal changes @KanimozhiDMK what do you like to say to this kind of male chauvinist? Is this the respect your party people have on women.” her tweet read.


Most lately, a politician who belongs to BJP party made a comment on the women who wear ripped jeans and said that they couldn’t raise their children well. Tirath Singh Rawat who was sworn as the Chief minister of Uttarkhand recently, came up with a statement against a woman who was wearing ripped jeans and boots while she was on a flight with her children.

He said that she works in an Non-government organisation, goes out in the society and has two children and wondered what values she would give them. It is high time for the politicians of India to look for ways to develop the country instead of commenting on body and clothes of women.


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