Gayathri Raguramm Questioned Actor Suriya About His Promise Given In 2018 !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-04-28
15:04 IST

Actress Jyothika’s speech in JFW Awards about maintaining hospitals is still creating waves in the micro blogging social media site. Her speech divided the users of social media platforms into two different set where people emerging to support her speech and to post things against her to express their disagreement towards her speech.


Actress and Dance choreographer Gayathri Raguramm became the latest one to join the latter category. She asked Jyothika whether she donated money for hospitals after seeing the bad maintenance. Gayathri said that she should have donated money and should have set an example instead of comparing it to temples.

Gayathri even said that she would have been happy if Jyothika said what Prime minister Narendra Modi said about giving importance ti schools and hospitals instead of temples.

Now, Gayathri Raguramm came up with a tweet questioning whether actor Suriya who said that he is planning to renovate toilets of 400 government schools on 2018 did it or not. In her tweet Gayathri wrote “This interview was given in 2018 – how many done so far? Although it’s government job to do but U have given a word in 2018 we have rights to ask u now.”


Check out her tweet here :

Many twitter users confronted the former Bigg Boss contestant saying that one could not question an individual. “This man has done many things . He educated so many people . Have you ever educated single one ?” asked one of them whereas another one said that he didn’t receive the 15 Lakh money promised by the Prime minister years back. Check out some of their reactions :


Gayathri Raguramm started posting these kind of tweets after seeing the speech of actress Jyothika in JFW award function where she received award for her film “Ratchasi”. She compared the maintenance of Thanjavur Brihadeesvar temple with the maintenance of a government hospital in the same place.

Watch her speech below :

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