Gayathri Raghuram Reacted To The Leaked Audio Of Annamalai IPS


Actor cum politician Gayatri Raghuram has responded to the IPS K. Annamalai’s leaked audio recording. The leaked audio recording of the BJP leader, K. Annamalai by Madan Ravichandran followed a video of BJP General Secretary K. T. Raghavan is spreading like wildfire. 

Both the audio recording of K. Annamalai IPS and the video of K. T. Raghavan are about misusing the women of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Several questions are asked by the netizens about the safety of women especially the women members of BJP. Madan Ravichandran reported that he released the sexually explicit video of K. T. Raghavan after getting the approval of K. Annamalai. However, the BJP leader refused to accept this statement which is evident through his press release.

K. Annamalai

In the leaked audio recording by Madan Ravichandran, it could be heard K. Annamalai IPS saying, “I never allowed any woman to enter my room alone. Be it Gayathri Raguramm or Khushbu, I never met them alone inside my room.” Madan has claimed that K. Annamalai made him release the sexually explicit video of K. T. Raghavan. 

Many voices were raised against the BJP leaders and their behaviour towards the women member of the party. Following this incident of audio leaking, Gayatri Raghuram expressed her support to K. Annamalai. 

Big Boss fame Gayatri Raghuram is an Indian actress and politician who has worked in the South Indian film industry. Gayatri is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 2014. She was appointed as the secretary for arts in Tamil Nadu by the BJP. 

Gayatri Raghuram

She posted a video recording of herself in which she says, “Our BJP leader Annamalai Ji has until now respected every woman and treated women as his own sisters and nothing beyond it. Until now he addresses me as well as other women members as sisters. The released audio clip is just a twist. The only intention of Annamalai Ji is the serve the nation and to reach out to people by implementing the schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji. K Annamalai always supports and give protection to all the women members and encourage women empowerment. He is a good man to do all these things. Definitely, I support Annamalai Ji and I stand with him throughout.” She posted this video with the hashtag ‘I support Annamalai’ and ‘I stand with Annamalai’.

This video post of Gayatri Raghuram is going viral on the social media platform. The followings are the reactions commented below the Twitter post of Gayatri Raghuram.


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