G. Marimuthu Confessed That He Replied To A Fake ID!!

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3 weeks ago

G. Marimuthu, a renowned actor who recently grabbed headlines after replying to a fake twitter handle, in an interview with Indiaglitz, confessed about his twitter activity. The senior actor’s reply came in after his son defended his online gesture, saying that someone misused his phone number. G. Marimuthu expressed no regret and said that he is not someone who will act reluctant to reveal his phone number. The actor also expressed his anger over the people who phone called him and didn’t have the guts to speak to him.

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A couple of days ago, Actor G Marimuthu’s comment on a post shared by a random online model went viral among the users of online platforms. To the model who asked whether she can call any of her followers, the actor who is known for appearing in films such as “Pariyerum Perumaal”, and others, dropped his phone number. As soon as the screen shot of his tweet went viral, Marimuthu deleted his Twitter handle but it was too late as his comment already became a subject to severe online troll and criticisms.


Director G Marimuthu who made films such as “Kannum Kannum”, “Pulivaal” and acted in several films as a supporting actor, is known for making controversial statements. Earlier, in an interview, he criticized women who are dancing at their wedding. He also said that a woman should always walk behind her husband and it would look more appealing. “If she walks a feet ahead of him, it wouldn’t look nice. A woman’s beauty and bravery depends on how she stays in the shadow of her husband. It is equal to man being shorter than his woman. It would look pathetic” he said in the interview.

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Here’s the screenshot of his comment :

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While Marimuthu’s son denied his father making such comment in Twitter, the senior actor, in an interview confessed about making that comment. When the interviewer asked whether he made such comment or someone hacked his account, Marimuthu said “Yes, I’m the one who made that comment”

“I’m receiving nearly 1000 calls per day but no picking any of them. When I try to attend some call and answer to it, they won’t speak from that end” said Marimuthu and questioned why such spineless people who doesn’t have to guts to speak to him are calling him. “At times, I even abuse them” he added.

“A girl is asking whether she can speak to me and I don’t find anything wrong in me giving her my number. I’m not the one who is afraid of others” the actor said.

Watch the video below :

source : indiaglitz

Earlier, in an interview, G Marimuthu justified lyricist Vairamuthu’s act in Chinmayi issue and got criticized by actor Siddharth. “Vairamuthu is like a role model to me, He is someone whom I look up to. I think there is nothing wrong in what Vairamuthi did. Being a male, there is nothing wrong in what Vairamuthu did. If she is interested she can go, else she can report it to the press, these thing are natural. There is nothing in this matter that i have to search and tell. People will forget these things in 3 days.” said the actor in that interview.




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