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From Shane Warne To Sachin Tendulkar, Entire Cricket Fraternity Reacted To The “Not Out” Of Ben Stokes !!


From Shane Warne To Sachin Tendulkar, Entire Cricket Fraternity Reacted To The “Not Out” Of Ben Stokes !!

From Australia’s ace spinner Shane Warne to Sachin Tendulkar, entire cricket fraternity reacted to the controversial decision made by the third umpire in the 3rd day of 4th Ashes test. In the 31st over of England’s innings, Stokes decided to shoulder arms to a Cameron green delivery. The ball nipped back a little and hit the off stump but incredibly the bails weren’t dislodged which resulted in Stokes staying till scoring an half century.


England, the team which was supposed to be 36 for four, ended up as 135 for four. The all rounder scored a gritty half century but not without the help of cricketing Gods who aided in his “unbelievable” escape after the ball had crashed into his off stump. After the ball took a deflection, Australian’s appealed and Stokes was given out LBW by the on field umpire.

However, Stokes went on to for an immediate review and the reply videos showed why. Watch the video below :

Upon seeing the replay on the big screen, Stokes couldn’t resist himself from having a big laugh with the Australian bowlers expressing their disbelief. The delivery of Cameron Green was registered 142 Kmph speed which above pace than average. The incident caused a discussion among the members and fans of cricketing fraternity. Indian cricketer and commentator Dinesh Karthik came up with a tweet in his twitter handle, writing “When you’re confident about your off stump and your off stump is confident about you”

Legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar came up with a tweet proposing an idea that solves the issue in favour of the bowlers. “Should a law be introduced called ‘hitting the stumps’ after the ball has hit them but not dislodged the bails? What do you think guys? Let’s be fair to bowlers!” Sachin said by tagging Shane Warne.

“Interesting point & one to debate my friend. I will take this to the world cricket committee for discussion & come back to you. Never seen anything like that today – Greene’s delivery was 142kph and hit the stump hard !!!!!” Warne replied back.

Check out some of the other reactions that surfaced in Internet below :

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