From a Second hand Bike to the Fastest Bike ! An untold story of M S Dhoni

If you are an Indian cricket fan, and a MS Dhoni fan, you ought to know the man’s love for cricket, pets, bikes and his wife (of course). Who doesn’t love these lean, mean, performers? We certainly do and so does Mahi. Right from a young age he has had this love for bikes and now that he has the world in his reach, Dhoni has ensured he ‘collects’ (using the word with lot more intent) all those superbikes, sports, semi-sports, some vintage, a few beasts, also a few humble ones as and when he notices something interesting in a motorbike.
Coming back to collection’ he would collect tickets earlier being an employee of the Indian Railways as the TTE. While he was young, unconventional, someone who can be specified in a crowd kind of guy Mahendra dreamt, committed to materialize it and today we all see it fulfill into reality, which is dream like in itself. Another passion that this man ha,s is for speed, he likes to ride his bikes as and when he has some spare time and is at home.
Dhoni also has his bike racing team called the ‘Mahi Racing Team India’.

The RajDoot: The First Bike 

‘The RajDoot’ it happens to be the first bike to come MSD’s way and thus remains quite close to his heart. The bike was not in a desirable condition, the skipper posted a picture of it and promised to get it back in running condition.
Did you Know ?
Dhoni’s first income was 2000 Rupees. He saved every month and purchased the second hand, ‘The RajDoot’ Yamaha bike ! Now he got Confederate X132 Hellcat bike, an exotic muscle bike which is owned only by him in the whole South East Asia and still he takes care of his first bike and drives it ! 

Kawasaki Ninja H2 : The Latest 

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is termed India’s fastest bike. Dhoni recently bought this amazing bike from Kawasaki and updated his fans with the same on instagram. He captioned it, ‘Finally the wait is over but another couple of months before, I can take her for her first ride. Guess the bike’.
Thala and Bikes – The Best Synonym 🙂


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