From Samantha To Vishal, Celebrities Who Got Affected Due To Shooting Spot Accidents In Recent Times !!

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Shooting Spot – The prevalence of accidents on movie sets, resulting in harm to cast and crew, has become a recurring issue. This article will compile the incidents that occurred during film production in the past three months.


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Actor Vijay Sethupathi,Soori and dir Vetrimaran

During the production of the directorial film ‘Viduthalai’ by Vetrimaran in December of last year, tragedy struck when a stunt artist named Suresh fell and suffered fatal injuries. The incident highlights the dangers that stunt performers face on movie sets, as they often perform dangerous feats that require precise execution. Despite efforts to increase safety measures and training, accidents continue to occur. The loss of Suresh is a reminder of the risks that cast and crew members take in order to create thrilling and visually stunning cinema. It is crucial for the film industry to prioritize safety and ensure that preventable accidents are avoided in the future.

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Actor Arun Vijay on Kerala

The filming of the upcoming movie ‘Achham Enbathu Illayae’, directed by AL Vijay, was temporarily halted when the film’s lead actor Arun Vijay suffered a serious leg injury while performing a stunt sequence. The incident highlights the risks involved in performing dangerous stunts for the sake of entertainment. Fortunately, after receiving Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, Arun Vijay was able to recover from his injuries. However, this incident serves as a reminder that safety must always be a top priority on movie sets to prevent accidents that can result in severe harm to cast and crew. It is crucial for the film industry to continue to prioritize the implementation of safety measures and proper training to minimize the risks associated with stunts and other potentially hazardous activities on set.

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Vijay Antony’s latest tweet

During the production of ‘Pichaikaran 2’, a film directed, produced, and composed by Vijay Antony, the filmmaker suffered a serious accident while shooting in Malaysia last January. While driving a jet ski, Vijay Antony crashed into a boat, resulting in severe facial injuries. The incident highlights the risks involved in producing films that require high-risk stunts and action sequences. Following surgery, Vijay Antony was confined to bed rest and is currently undergoing a gradual recovery process. This serves as a reminder of the importance of safety on movie sets and the need to take all necessary precautions to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

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Vijay Vishwa from Hospital

Vijay Vishwa, a Tamil film actor known for his roles in movies such as Touring Talkies, Kombuvacha Singamda, and Sagasam, is currently working on an upcoming film where he unfortunately suffered an injury. While performing a stunt scene where he was required to jump on a bike, Vijay Vishwa fell down and broke his arm. He has been hospitalized and is receiving medical treatment for his injuries. The title of the movie he was working on at the time of the accident has not been disclosed. Fans of the actor are wishing him a speedy recovery and hoping to see him back on the big screen soon.

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AR Rahman with his Son

AR Ameen, the son of popular music director AR Rahman, recently had a close call while filming a music video. During the shoot, a wire hanging from a crane suddenly fell, but luckily no one was injured, including Ameen and the rest of the crew. The incident occurred just a few days ago, and the details of the music video, as well as the location where the accident took place, have not been disclosed. Fans of AR Rahman and his family were relieved to hear that everyone involved in the shoot escaped unscathed, and are grateful that the situation did not result in any serious injuries.

Samantha Injury At Shooting Spot :

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who is known for her performances in south Indian movies, sustained an injury while filming the Indian adaptation of “Citadel.” On Tuesday, the actress shared a photo on her Instagram stories of her bruised hands after filming some action sequences. She titled her post “perks of action.”


Previously, she had also shared a video of herself practicing action scenes with stunt performer and action director Yannick Ben. “Citadel” is directed by Raj and DK, the creators of “The Family Man,” and is the Indian version of the international series of the same name, which was originally created by Russo Brothers. The global series stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden.

Vishal’s Mark Antony set :

Vishal and SJ Suryah thanked the Almighty after escaping a fatal accident in the shooting spot of “Mark Antony”, one of their upcoming movies. The video footage of which was shared by the actors are going viral in social media platforms with various kind of reactions from fans and media. While Vishal said that he missed his “life” in a matter of few seconds and few inches, SJ Suryah said that they wouldn’t have been tweeting now if the huge vehicle didn’t go in a diagonal way.

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