Former Judge Markandey Katju’s Statement On Hathras Case Irked Netizens !!

When the heinous crime that took place in Uttar Pradesh creating huge outrage in social media platforms with influential personalities condemning the act, a statement issued by former Supreme court judge Markandey Katju, irked the Internet using citizens. He posted it in his official facebook account on the day after the demise of the 19 year old girl victim.

The girl went to collect animal fodder with her mother from a field on 14th of September. They went to cut grass in the field which belongs to the Thakur men who are considered as upper caste in India. She was cutting grass with her mother and brother not too far off in a field. The girl’s mother had hearing issues and her ears were stuffed with cotton balls due to pain.


After a while, when the brother went to fill water for the buffaloes, the victim who was wearing a Salwar kameez, dragged by her dupatta and was sexually assaulted by the four men. The mother who thought that her daughter would have left to home to drink water, called her name two times loudly and continued cutting grass. Only after seeing the mud traces and her daughter’s slippers near the house, the mother started looking for her daughters in the fields of Thakur men.

“Everytime, I close my eyes, I see the image of what I saw that day” said the visibly broken Mother while explaining about how and when she found her daughter. “My daughter was lying naked with her tongue protruding from her mouth. Her eyes were bulging out and she was bleeding from her mouth, her neck and there was blood near her eyes. I also noticed bleeding from her vagina. I quickly covered her with the pallu of my saree, and started screaming,” the mother recalled. The four accused Sandip, Ramu, Lavkush and Ravi were arrested by the Police only after the initial reluctant.

While condemning the act of the culprits, Markandey, in his FB post said, that “sex is a natural urge in men”. He linked the raising number of rape cases in the country with the raising unemployment rate in India.

Markanday Katju

“I condemn the Hathras gang rape, and call for harsh punishment of the culprits. However, having said that there is one aspect which also needs to be considered. Sex is a natural urge in men. It is sometimes said that after food, the next requirement is sex,” he said in his social media post.

In his statement, he also said that girls won’t marry men who doesn’t have a job which leads to rapes in India. “Today India alone has about 135 crore people, which means there has been a fourfold increase in population. But the number of jobs increased are far less than fourfold. In fact it is believed that in June 2020 alone 12 crore Indians lost their jobs. Therefore will there not be increase in rapes?” he asked.



This statement from him made people think that the former judge is justifying rape. “I can’t believe you were ever part of a supreme court” wrote one a twitter user to express her displeasure over his statement. Check out some of their reactions below :


Katju came up with a another facebook post, reacting to the outrage received.

A twitter storm has taken place on my recent fb post on the Hathras gang rape. I was accused of being a misogynist,…

Posted by Markandey Katju on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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