Retd IPS Officer & Former Governor Kiran Bedi Got Brutally Trolled For Sharing “Fake Whatsapp Forward”

For sharing a jaw dropping video of a monstrous shark jumping out of the water to take down a helicopter, Former Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi got brutally trolled by the netizens. She uploaded the tweet to make it seem like the video was real.

Sharing it to the 12.3 million twitter followers of her, the retired IPS officer asked her followers to watch the unbelievable video of the animal jumping high up in the air to attack the chopper, while a group of people were left stunned as they watched the spectacle.

As the people on camera were seen screaming in horror, the chopper was seen crashing into the water after getting engulfed in flames. A text which says “National Geographic Channel has paid Rs. 1 million Dollar for this rare video, what a video” was attached in the tweet video shared by Kiran Bedi.

Watch the tweet shared by Kiran Bedi below :

The spoof video had already came under scanner as it was shared with similar captions for several times in the past. For the unversed, the video clip is a scene from a Hollywood film titled “5 Headed Shark Attack” which was released in the year 2017.

Here’s the trailer of the movie :

Netizens can’t keep calm as soon as seeing a responsible person Kiran Bedi sharing such fake video, believing it to be true. Many highlighted that it wasn’t the first time Kiran Bedi is sharing something this baffling online. Earlier, in 2020, Kiran Bedi shared a video and claimed that “Sun chanting Om”

Check out some of the reactions Kiran Bedi’s tweet triggered online :

On realizing that her tweet became a subject to severe online troll, Bedi came up with another tweet saying “The source of this daring Video is open and subject to verifications. Whatever be the authentic and true source it is terrifying 😳 But laudable, even if manufactured. Please view it against this caveat”


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