Forget Meme Creators & Celebrities, Check How These Brands Used Neasamani To Advertise Their Products !!

Not only meme creators and celebrities, even authentic brands used Neasamni to advertise their product. Be it K TV or Netflix, they required the need of our Nesamani to grab customers. Even talks are doing rounds that a producer is trying to register the title Contractor Nesamani to make a movie with the one and only Vadivelu.

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It all started when an ardent Vadivelu fan connected the movie scenario with real life hammer in a Pakistani facebook page. Now it became world wide trending and confusing the non Tamil speaking social media users. Though many products are making use of this opportunity to make their brand famous all over the world.

Check out some of their posts here :

1.Nippon Paint

2. K TV 

3. Netflix India

4. Amazon Prime

5.Ahmedabad Police 

6.Thoondil Restaurant 



9. Chennai Traffic Police 

10.Schwing Stetter India 

It all started when a facebook page called “Civil Engineering Learners” posted a picture of a hammer and asked it’s followers to comment the name of it in their country. An ardent Vadivelu fan immediately connected it with a comedy clip from the movie “Friends” which was released in 2001.

When The News Minute contacted the original actor, he seems to have no idea about what is happening because of him. He said “I have no idea what is happening. I haven’t seen anything yet.” He added, “What? It has become famous across the world? Oh god. It has gone to America and everywhere? Thank you. Yes, the movie was with Vijay and Suriya. I have acted in a lot of movies and made the whole world laugh. But I didn’t know about this.”

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Friends is a 2001 Tamil romantic comedy drama film, directed by Siddique and produced by Appachan. The film features Vijay, Suriya and Ramesh Khanna, in the title roles while Devayani, Abhinayashree, Vijayalakshmi, Sriman, and Vadivelu play supporting roles.


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