For Which Film Vikatan Magazine Gave Highest Mark ?? Fans Divided

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2 months ago

The most awaited review from “Vikatan” magazine for the newly released movies are out and fana got divided after knowing about which film got the highest marks among “Thunivu” and “Varisu”. The renowned magazine is known for its one page movie review for which it would end giving marks out of 100. Due to the clash between Ajith and Vijay, fans were eagerly waiting to witness the Vikatan winner.

“Thunivu” and “Varisu” released simultaneously and is being widely celebrated by both the set of fans. While “Varisu” being celebrated as a family oriented movie, “Thunivu” exposes bank scams and creates awareness among the audience.

From Day 1, verbal spat on which film collected more is taking place in the internet platforms between the two groups. Now, in a way of adding fuel to the fans fight, parties involved in both the sides released posters declaring their product as the winner.

On Wednesday, Producers of “Varisu” movie Sri Venkateshwara Creations came up with a post in their official social media handles, claiming that their film collected Rs. 210 crores worldwide in 7 days. Minutes after the post got surfaced, Mr. Raahul, executive producer of Ajith’s “Thunivu”, came up with a post in which “Paravai Muniyamma” could be seen cooking “Vada” in space. His post was highly believed to be an indirect reply to “Varisu” team.

In the meantime, fans are involved in online verbal spat. Now, most famous weekly magazine Vikatan came up with reviews for both the film. Providing just 43 marks for “Thunivu” out of 100 which is less comparing to many critically acclaimed films, Vikatan gave just 40 marks for “Varisu”.



Fans of both the actors got divided into two and started arguing with each other over the marks provided by ” Vikatan”. Check out some of the top reactions below :

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