For The First Time Karthi Opened On His Father Sivakumar’s Selfie Issue !! Watch Video !!

4 years ago

Not many days ago Vetaran Actor Sivakumar caught in the selfie controversy for the second time. The actor who attended the marriage reception of actor-director E.Ramadoss’s family, assaulted a guy’s cell phone. Earlier the actor became a victim of massive troll for involving in a similar act.


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Now actor Karthi has opened on the issue for the first time while giving his promotional interview for his recent released film Dev to Suryan FM. In the interview, while talking about the Selfie controversy of his father, Karthi said that many elderly people do not know how to take selfie.

Watch the video video here from 16th minute : 

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“Once a psychologist told me that we are not mentally stable if we take selfies more than 8 times at once. While the first incident Appa paid the enough compensation and even asked apology in a gesture of giving respect to the feelings of people who got hurt because of his act. But in this second incident, Appa’s assistant told the man to wait and also promised him a picture with father. But he did not listened or cared to his words at all. They thought that it thier right to take selfie with anyone if they own a cell phone.” said Karthi in the interview with Balde Shankar.



“There will be no problem at all if the man asked him for a selfie. And most of them did not know how to take selfie. Influenced by young kids they extends their phone infront of our face. Even i have migrant problem. The selfie flash cause me instant headache. The way they reacting in the same way as they reacted for Me too is pathetic.” he added.


Veteran actor Sivakumar was embroiled in a controversy when he knocked a fan’s phone who was attempting to take a selfie with him. His rude behaviour received a lot of flak from the public and he was forced to apologise. Later, he even gifted a brand new phone to the distressed fan.


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Four months later, the actor again involved in a similar act again. Recently, the actor was invited to the wedding at director-actor E Ramadoss’s household. While he was entering the venue, a fan tried to take a selfie with him.

In October 2018, Sivakumar said that people should ask his permission before taking selfies. He said, “I am someone who has never hesitated to take photos at an airport or any gathering with hundreds and thousands of people. People should have the basic courtesy to ask any person before clicking pictures with them. A celebrity cannot be taken for granted or considered as public property.”

Today a new video of a guy taking selfie with Sivakumar has been doing rounds in social media. In fact after the incident few selfies of Sivakumar with youngsters going viral as well :

What do you think on Karthi’s stand on this controversy ?? Comment your views below !!

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