For Supporting Hindi Imposition, Actress Facing Severe Criticism !! Check Her Replies

3 years ago

For supporting Hindi language through her official twitter account, Actress Harathi has been facing severe criticism from the users of the social media platform. She has been replying to the harsh comments she is receiving for past two days. It all started when actor Sirish who is known for acting in a film named as “Metro” posted a picture with music director Yuvan Shankar Raja by wearing a “Hindi Theryathu Podaa” (Don’t know Hindi, get lost) t-shirt. Yuvan who is considered as “youth icon” wore a T-shirt saying “Tamizh Pesum Indian” (Tamil speaking Indian).


Though it is work related post of the emerging actor, the caption in his T-shirt attracted wide number of online user. They who oppose Hindi imposition in Tamil nadu, started celebrating the post of the duo.

The celebration elevated to a next level as soon as the hashtag “Hindi Theriyathu Poda” started trending in the micro blogging social media site. Celebrities including political personalities posted pictures in their respective social media accounts by wearing the T-shirt. Aishwarya Rajesh, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Krishna, Video jockey Parvathy are some of them who wore the T-shirt and uploaded pictures in their respective social media platforms.


After seeing the hashtag trending in the Internet, actress Harathi who is known for appearing in films like Padikkathavan, Kutti, Arul, posted a tweet suggesting people to learn the north Indian language. She who participated in the first season of Bigg Boss show, is currently busy working on her youtube channel. In her tweet, Harathi said celebrities who wore the T-shirt will remove it if they get a chance in Bollywood film industry. She asked people to learn the Hindi language if they wish.

Check out her tweet below :

Though this tweet received many accolades from a set of people, criticism poured as well. She replied to most of them as well. To a user who asked why should he call someone else as his “Mother”, Harathi asked him to treat every woman as his mother. “If our Mother fails, that Mother might help us in emergency” the actress said.

To a user who abused her for the tweet, Harathi warned him of hitting him with her sandal.

Check out her other replies below :


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