For Shouting At ISRO Official At Press Meet, Reporter Got Thrashed By Public !! MUST CHECK !!


In the early hours of Saturday, Indian space agency ISRO’s plan to soft-land Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module on the lunar surface did not go as per script. India came 0.0006 per cent close to becoming the first country to do a soft-landing on the lunar south pole. In the early hours of Saturday, as Prime Minister Modi looked on and millions watched nationwide with bated breath, Vikram — named after the father of India’s space programme (Vikram Sarabhai) — went silent just 2.1 kilometres above the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan 2 traveled a distance of 3,83,998 km out of 3,84,000 km between Earth and Moon. However, reports says that all hope is not lost yet. Meanwhile a recent video of a reporter shouting at one of the scientist of ISRO is creating outrage in social media platforms.

The video shows a scientist of ISRO who attended the press meet answering the questions of the reporters. One of a reporter named as Pallava Bagla from NDTV, suddenly shouted at the official by asking why Chairman Sivan has not attended the press meet. He repeatedly kept asking the question to which the senior scientist who is holding the microphone was seen stumbling and struggling to respond to the aggressive behaviour of the scientist.

“Normally when something goes wrong, the chairman comes , why is the chairman not here?” he reporter asked. “Why is Dr. Sivan is not here to face the press?? ISRO tradition is, when something goes wrong, the chairman comes, not somebody’s junior” he asked further.

Watch the video here :

As soon as the video surfaced, people in social media started fuming at NDTV for its behaviour towards a senior scientist. They started trending #NDTVwithPakistan in twitter.

Check out some of their reactions here :

However, Prannoy Roy, the co-founder of NDTV has replied to these allegations by saying that he has apologised and accepted it as rude behaviour. “Pallava has done more for ISRO & India’s science than all the ghastly trolls put together.” he added in the tweet.


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