For Not Wearing Safety Mask, TN Constable Questions About Caste Details !!


A video of a Tamil nadu police constable questioning about a motorist’s caste details while issuing him challan for not wearing safety mask went viral in social media platform. As a result of it, the constable got transferred to the Armed reserve wing by his higher authorities. A detailed inquiry is also initiated, assured the district collector Vijaya Karthikeyan.

Named as Kasirajan, the Police constable stopped the two wheeler rider at Thiruppur-Perumanallur junction on Thursday. He was checking vehicles at the junction to make sure whether the people are following the lockdown norms. With the orders issued by the district administration, Kasirajan was there to penalise people who are not following the orders of the government such as wearing mask etc.

When Kasirajan saw a man violating the government’s order, he stopped his bike and started seeking his personal informations to issue a challan for not wearing a safety mask. While getting his name and contact details, the police constable demanded the motorist to disclose his caste details.

Kasi Rajan

Irked by the question, the man started shouting and the duo involved in an argument. “Who gave you the rights to question about my caste ? Tell me ??” the motorist can be heard repeatedly asking to the Police man. Responding to his question, Kasirajan goes on to ask the man to tell about his body identifications to which the biker asks “Am I an accused to tell you my body identifications ? Did I murder someone ?”

“You can’t question about my caste like this in public. If you find me violating the lockdown norms, put a fine, I will pay it. But you don’t have the rights to question about my caste” he biker says.

At one point, Kasirajan says that his higher officials have asked him to collect the details of caste. “Which S.I ordered you to get such informations ?” the biker continues to question. Watch the video below :

As soon as the video went viral, action was taken against Kasi rajan. Thiruppur SP Dhisha Mittal have ordered an immediate transfer for Kasi Rajan to the Armed reserve wing. “Enquiring into it” wrote Thiruppur district collector Vijaya karthikeyan on seeing the video.

This shameful activity of the police constable has gained him a bad name among the Internet users who are slamming him.


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