For Bashing 90ML, Director Anita Trolls Back Reviewer Prashanth !! Check How He Replied !!

CM / Updated: 2019-03-04
12:13 IST

Actor Oviya’s much-awaited film 90 ML has hit the screens. The actor, who developed a massive fan following her Bigg Boss stint, will be seen in the comedy-drama as a part of a girl gang comprising five different middle-class women. The movie is said to be a women-centric film and has attracted a lot of attention ever since the trailer was released. In the trailer, the women are seen openly drinking, smoking and talking about sex. It will sure be interesting to see Oviya headline this film.


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As soon as the movie released, reviews poured on Internet from reviewers and as well as from the audience. Reviewer Prashanth who is one of the prominent reviewers of Kollywood town also released his review in his channel. The reviewer expressed his disappointment over the movie right from the release of it’s trailer.

Now he thrashed the movie for it’s adult content. “From the comments for my previous adult movies reviews, I decided to give honest reviews which would help family audience” he justified.


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“I am the one who enjoyed adult films like Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuththu and Hara Hara Mahadeveki, but this film frustrates even me. 75% of this movie portrays the girls as alcoholics which is horrible.” said Prashanth in his review.

“Making jokes of women’s vagina might look as a joke for you but it is wrong. Just because you have lot of money don’t make films like this. If you feel like it give it to someone else which will help them to make a good movie. I don’t care if anyone oppose this, even you might call me for this, I don’t care” Prashanth directly warned Anita Udeep who made this film.


Now as a reply to this, Anita has came up with a tweet. Anita Udeep who trolled Dhananjayan for criticizing the movie 90ml, tried to troll Prashanth as well.

In her reply tweet Anita wrote “Came with so much expectation to listen to ur appatakkar review of my film #90ml, got super personal advice on how to live my life! Guruji, can u tell me if I can have sex before marriage? Right or wrong? B4 u answer this, pass me ur add. , will send over weightaana cover!🙏🏽”


Prashanth did not kept mum to her troll. In his reply tweet he said “I know u have bought some and silenced some reviewers through money madam. Not all can be bought! The distributor has bought your movie for a heavy price – time for u to compensate them instead of chest thumping here !! Cheers ! 💐💐💐.”

“Should ask my PRO why he missed u out!! Maybe bcos he thought ur moral review was not worth it!!😊 Btw have u heard of baradwaj rangan, Sudhish Namath, sudhir srinivasan, dhanya Rajendran, Subha Keerthana.. pls. Don’t degrade them to ur level!!” Anita said after the reply of Prashanth.

Check out their further conversation :

Written and directed by Anita Udeep, the film is being touted as a STR musical. 90 ML also stars Anson Paul, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram. Shree Gopika, Bommu Lakshmi and Tej Raj. STR will make a special appearance in the film. Oviya’s Bigg Boss stint earned her a loyal fan following, who identifies themselves as Oviya Army.

What do you think on this battle ?? Comment your views below !!

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