Follower Slammed This Celebrity For Earning Money Through BIGG BOSS !! Check Her Reply !!


Not only the contestants of current Bigg Boss show are being the subject of topics, even former contestants of the show are also keeping the netizens busy. Gayathri Raguramm,  an Indian choreographer and actress who has worked in the South Indian film industry was questioned by a twitter user for her participation in the show.

The daughter of prominent choreographer Raghuram, Gayathri began her career as an actress in the 2002 film Charlie Chaplin and after a career break, she began working as a choreographer in films during 2008. She took part in the first season of Kamal Haasan hosting Bigg Boss show.

Recently she posted a tweet slamming those who messaged her saying that Tamil are not Hindu. In her tweet she said “Some mottals keeps messaging Tamil is not hindu. How many agree? If ur not hindu, ur not muslim or Christian or Buddhist. Ur simply a human with no value and ethics. This Periyar drama no god drama popularity won’t work here. I dare u to ask other religion and explain ur no god”

For this tweet one of a twitter user said that this mindset of BJP is the reason behind their terrible situation in Tamilnadu state.

Gayathri countered him back with a reply terming him as “Moodhevi” (Unlucky)

Another user asked why she is living in Tamilnadu then and earning money through shows like Bigg Boss. Check out his tweet here :

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Here’s how Gayathri replied to him :

She was evicted from Bigg Boss show on day 56, after having attracted widespread criticism for her behaviour inside the Bigg Boss House. In particular, her constant harassment and bullying of contestants Bharani, Julie and then Oviya were widely criticised.

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