Follower Insulted Ashwin By Comparing Him With Kapil Dev !! Spinner Replied

Ravinchandran Ashwin’s act of sending Jos Butler to pavilion through “Mankad” in the year 2019 is still causing debates among the fans of the sport. Recently, a video of legendary world cup winning Indian captain Kapil Dev mankading Peter Kristen, after warning him in the previous match surfaced in Twitter. On seeing the video, a user named Sundar said that Kapil played very fair by warning Kristen once. He also said that Kapil Dev did not wait for the batsman to go out of his crease, indirectly referring Ravichandran Ashwin and concluded that Kapil’s act was in true spirit. The twitter user also tagged Ravichandran Ashwin in his tweet which grabbed the cricketer’s attention who is known for giving apt replies to criticisms.


Mankading has become a widely discussed topic ever since Ravichandran Ashwin pulled off the mode of dismissal for the first time in 2019 IPL to dismiss Jos Buttler of Rajasthan Royals. The act from Ashwin evoked mixed reactions from fans and cricketing experts around the globe. Ashwin received a fair amount of criticism from a certain section of the cricketing fraternity who believed his action to be disgraceful and against the spirit of the game while certain others believed that the off spinner must have at least provided Buttler a warning before running him out.

However, the cricketer brushed off the criticisms by standing by his act firmly. On Wednesday, a twitter user uploaded the compilation video of Kapil Dev sending Peter Kristen back to pavilion through “Mankad” method after warning him in the previous match. “Every One Know that Kapil Dev ManKaded Peter Kirsten in Tour Of South Africa 1992-93 & Kapil Dev looks angry after that. But Not many knew that He Warned Kirsten In Game 1 that’s why he Out him in Game 2 & show his aggression on batsmen. There is a footage from both Games.” the user wrote while uploading the video.


Here’s his post :

Replying to this post, a user named Sundar said that Kapil played very fairly at the occasion and took an indirect dig at Ravi Ashwin. “Kapil has played it very fair…by warning Kirsten once and not claiming the first time. More importantly he did it by NOT stopping and waiting for Kirsten to go out of the crease. This is in the true spirit.” he replied and tagged Ravichandran Ashwin, Dinesh Karthik, Harsha Bhogle and Murali Karthik.



The tweet grabbed the attention of Ravichandran Ashwin himself who came up with a savage reply to troll Sundar. The cricketer sarcastically asked Sundar not to tell his parents about it when he premeditates next time to run a batsman out that way and sought the commenter’s approval to do the same. “I would do it again if a batsmen goes out of the crease. I would also like to seek your permission to do the same cos if a bowler needs to run a batter out that way, he/she needs to premeditate the same and hopefully you will approve of the same and not tell my parents about it.” Ashwin’s reply read.

The tweet garnered wide reach with many supporting Ashwin. They asked him to run batsmen out that way in future and few even proposed penalty such as reducing 5 runs from the total of the team if a batsmen caught committing the mistake. Fans compared how severely bowlers are punished for bowling a no ball by stepping one step ahead and questioned why batsmen needs to be spared after taking advantage of the crease.


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