Fine Amount Of Rs. 5 Lakh Imposed Against Actor Robo Shankar For This Reason !!

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CM / Updated: 2023-02-20
18:31 IST

Fine amount of Rs. 5 Lak imposed against actor “Robo” Shankar of Vijay Television fame. The actor, reportedly caged Alexandrine parakeets in his house which goes against the norms. House of Tamil actor Robo Shankar who is known for appearing in films such as “Maari” and others, was inspected by the Tamil Nadu Wildlife Control Bureau after a complaint was filed by an animal welfare activist. The complaint was regarding the actor’s possession of two Alexandrine parakeets, a species that is protected under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. These parrots are not considered endangered, but are still protected.

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The birds were discovered when the actor’s family posted a few videos on social media, showing them feeding the parakeets in cages. The complaint prompted an inspection of the actor’s house, and the parakeets were seized by the wildlife control bureau. A fine of Rs 5 lakh, the maximum penalty for this violation, was levied on the actor.


The incident highlights the importance of protecting wildlife and adhering to wildlife protection laws in India. According to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, all species of animals listed in Schedules I to IV are protected from hunting, poaching, trade, and other forms of exploitation. The act also outlines penalties for those who violate the law, including fines and imprisonment.

In recent years, there have been several incidents of wildlife trafficking and exploitation in India. In July 2020, nearly 500 birds were rescued from the Central Railway Station in Chennai. The birds, which were a mix of exotic and local breeds, had been brought in a goods carrier all the way from Howrah in West Bengal. The birds were later handed over to the wildlife department in the city for rehabilitation and release.

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The seizure of the parakeets from the actor’s house is a reminder that even seemingly harmless activities, such as keeping a pet, can have a negative impact on wildlife. It is important for individuals to be aware of the impact of their actions on the environment and to take steps to minimize that impact.


The wildlife control bureau has stated that the health of the parakeets seized from the actor’s house will be monitored for a few days, and they will be rehabilitated and released into the wild. This is a positive step towards ensuring the protection of the species and their survival in the wild.

It is also important for the public to play an active role in reporting any incidents of wildlife trafficking or exploitation. The incident involving the actor’s parakeets was brought to the attention of the authorities by an animal welfare activist who saw the videos posted by the actor’s family on social media. This shows that even individual actions can make a difference in protecting wildlife and enforcing wildlife protection laws.

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It is notable that the seizure of the parakeets from the actor’s house is a reminder of the importance of wildlife protection laws and the need for individuals to be aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. It is important for the public to report any incidents of wildlife trafficking or exploitation and for individuals to take steps to minimize their impact on the environment. The rehabilitation and release of the seized parakeets into the wild is a positive step towards ensuring their protection and survival in their natural habitat. On the work front, Robo Shankar who was last seen in “Cobra”, is expected to appear in a film named “Kodai”.

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